Charles T Russell -a freemason and the connection to the illuminati...

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  • dolphman

    OK, I'm not one for conspiracy theories but lately I've uncovered some interesting facts that I think warrant some attention.

    First of all, Russell was a freemason. All the early watchtower and books he authored have freemason symbology and art throughout them.

    Not a big deal I thought, until I read more about freemasons and the so-called "Illuminati", a group of 13 families that supposedly control the world.

    Supposedly these 13 families, such as the DuPonts, Mcdonalds, Kennedys,
    Onassis, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, the Li family of China, etc, all
    have their fingers in investment banking, politics, sciences, etc. Their
    goal is to basically control everyone else through manipulating society
    to at some point accept one world government (New World Order, UN),
    which they'll control with their already great degree of influence.

    Now of course this seems far-fetched, but keep listening. Every member
    of these families is involved with the freemasons, ever heard of them? I
    think well over 37 of our ex-presidents have been freemasons. Most
    members of banking and commerce are members too. Now, the crazy thing is
    freemasons technically only started in 1700'something, when a group got
    together of the above families and began fermenting a plot to overthrow
    the british and french empires. However, most of Freemason architecture
    and ritual is based on Egyptology. Some think the same group of people
    who ruled Egypt have for centures inter-bred with other important
    families around the world to keep a monopoloy on power and economics,
    and the freemason culture is how the keep networking and keep their
    bloodlines pure. Why? Supposedly, they use types of magic in freemason
    ceremonies to keep themselves strong, and pure bloodlines make the magic
    more powerful. I know that sounds dumb, and you can ignore that part for
    now if you find it unbelievable, but keep reading. (I was in a freemason
    church once, sneaking around as part of a janitorial crew. I saw them
    doing a ritual, which was extremely weird.)

    But get this: Bush, Churchhill, and Rooselvelt all descend from Kind
    Edward of England (Longshanks, the guy who killed Braveheart). Bush and
    Kerry are actually related. Count Dracula is actually a great
    grandfather of Prince Wilhelm of England. Clinton and other presidents
    are decendents from Charlamagne. This is no bullshit. I researched it on It seems like all the royal bloodlines do remain pretty

    Kerry and Bush are also members of the skull and bones society, an
    offshoot of the freemasons. Chances are neither Bush nor Kerry are very
    advanced members of the skull and bones or freemasons. The highest level is of a 33rd
    degree freemason. I doubt either one are up to that level. Yet, they
    still maybe pawns of those higher up, really pulling the strings on
    their careers.

    Here's the big kicker for me. Normally I wouldn't think twice about any
    of this shit, and just think it was a bunch of crap. But I was doing
    some harmless research on Jehovahs' Witnesses just to reminice about the
    old days when I stumbled upon the fact that the founder of JWs, Charles
    T. Russell, was an ex-freemason. The Russells are also one of the 13
    familys listed as members of the illuminati. All the early watchtowers
    and JW books have freemason symbology on the cover. Now, no big deal at
    first, right? Wrong. When you combine the goal of freemasonry, or the
    illuminati, with the doctrines of Jehovah's Witnesses, you have a
    perfect marriage of the two. Basically, the whole goal of JWs is to see
    an end to organized religion and goverments. Exactly what the Illuminati
    want! So, why not get a group of people brainwashed ahead of time to be
    prepared for it. Joseph Smith, the mormon leader, was also a freemason.
    Mormons and JWs only differ on certain doctrines, but not the philosophy
    in general.

    Is there anything to this? Please, this is a serious discussion, I'm not one to normally give much credit to conspiracy theories but anyone whose an ex-jw knows what a mind control experiment it really is.

    I"m not advocating that an illuminati exists. I just want to hear the arguments pro or con.

  • Bubbamar

    Thanks for breaking that down for me. It finally makes sense. Actually the way I found this site and others like it was because someone told me about Freemason's. I had never heard of them so I google'd it. One of the first things I stumbled across was that Charles Taze Russell was a Freemason and a high ranking Freemason financed him to start the religion. Also read about the Mormons being essentially the same religion. I still don't know much about it but I am interested to read the responses your post will get.


  • Corvin


    Some do assert that Russell was a 33degree mason, but I have seen absolutely no evidence of this. Do you have any proof other than the symbology he used in his writings or the mason-like pyramid near his grave?



  • sf

    If you type a few of the keywords regarding your topic of discussion here into Simons search engine, you'll discover many threads on same topic.

    I have it on good authority too that Russell was an oil speculator. I cannot elaborate, yet dig deeper into the research engines of google and click on 'groups'.

    Happy trails!


  • L_A_Big_Dawg
    Kerry and Bush are also members of the skull and bones society, an
    offshoot of the freemasons.

    Hmmmmmm, I wonder if this means that Kerry is a dumba$$ like W.

    LABD, of the lousy sarcastic remark class

  • DireStraitJacket

    I've read similar stuff, a bit more drastic in that it involved lizards and people from mars, but it gets the same point as what you researched.

    on the point of the unifed government, last week I saw an add in the paper (South African Mail & Guardian) sponsored by some doctor (I can't remember his name) calling on all countries in the world to unite and join the new Alliance of Nations to take over from the UN. He said that the UN no longer has any authority as they broke the charter by which they exist when they recently authorized the american troops in iraq, this suggesting that any country can invade a smaller country for resources and say later that they needed to do it to survive and get it authorized or something like that..

    The more you read about this stuff and watch worldly events the scarier it gets because almost everything fits into the picture..

    What I read also tied the ancient Inca (I think) sundial time thingy that predicted the end of the world in 2012, and how the illuminati were aiming to have a unified world government in place setup by then. For what reason I don't know, some theories suggest alien contact will be made then, or the world will have to fight unitedly insome greater war or something..

    I don't know enough to explain it properly but it seems plausible in that it is really hard to disprove

  • Quotes

    I was just talking about Russell + Masons today with my brother.

    Doing 30 seconds of Googling:

    The Mason apologists deny the Illuminati conspricay: (admittedly, not an objective source)

    Turning to more objective sources, The Straight Dope says:
    The Illuminati play a leading role in what is without doubt the muthah conspiracy theory of all time, stretching back at least two centuries and probably as far as the Pleistocene epoch, to hear some tell it. Adherents of the theory, who for the most part are right-wing fruitcakes, claim it explains every social upheaval from the French Revolution of 1789 through the Russian Revolution of 1917. The Illuminati are said to be the guiding force behind a vast international cabal involving the Masons, German and/or Jewish socialists, the Bolsheviks, and revolutionaries of every stripe, whose principal aim is either the establishment of a totalitarian one-world government, the destruction of Western civilization, or both. This ain't no foolin' around, apocalypse fans.

    The article then goes on to briefly trace the history of the Illuminati group and the Masons, two distinct organizations.

    Skeptics Dictionary sheds some, well, illumination:
    The Illuminati was a secret society in Bavaria in the late 18th century. They had a political agenda that included republicanism and abolition of monarchies, which they tried to institute by means of "subterfuge, secrecy, and conspiracy," including the infiltration of other organizations.* They fancied themselves to be "enlightened" but they had little success and were destroyed within fifteen years of their origin (Pipes 1997). [...] Although there are two main "sects" of PCTs [Paranoid conspiracy theorists], the militant Christian fundamentalist branch and the UFO/alien branch, and although they each think the other is evil or nuts, their paranoia has the same focus: the end is near.

    ~Quotes, of the "Telling You To Not Believe The Conspiracy Because I am One Of the Illuminati" class. ;)

  • dolphman

    Hey Carvin,

    Apparently there is record of Russell giving sermons in Masonic lodges, where he often referred to himself as a Mason. Some of the transcripts can be found online. Also, the cover of one of his books featured a Masonic symbol on the front of it, the wings of horus.

    I suggest doing some serious googling. There are some freaks out there but there is also some real genuine info that definitely ties him to the masons. Watchtower and Millenial Dawn/Golden Dawn (i think the old Awake was called this) are actual Masonic buzz words. "Watchtower" is the English translation of the hebrew word "Mizpah", a commonly used word in Masonic lexicon.

    I have to be more research myself, I've just started.

  • berten

    >...Is there anything to this? Please, this is a serious discussion,...

    Have you been reading some of David Icke's books?

    If not,just enter his name in your favorite P2P-program and check out

    one or more of the *.pdf - files that pop up...

  • Golf

    I'm going to cite a few books about Freemasons.

    Check the following books, 'The Curse of Canaan' by Eustace Mullins

    'Pawns In The Game' by William Guy Carr

    'Conspirators' Hierarchy The Story Of The Committee of 300' by Dr. John Coleman

    'Rothschild Money Trust' by George Armstrong

    You can purchase these books at TGS-HiddenMysteries.Com or

    Another great source of material is provided by Myron C. Fagan

    Guest 77

  • Sunspot

    It's funny. I ran across some info like this a couple of years ago, rolled my eyes, and forgot about it.

    I mentioned an article (was it yesterday?) that I found that referred to the Masons....actually I think it WAS that skull and bones society that was pointed out. Anyway, I DO see some definite "tie-ins", too many coincidences to just push away any more.

    I feel like some of you do, I hate to come right out and admit I believe it---yet there are too many things that make sense!

    I don't have a clue where I found the article I came across recently, I was Googling" something and it happened to pop up---not what I was actually researching----but the gist of it all, was that this man THOUGHT all along that the group he was ascending in, to 33rd degree, was Christian, or Christ-oriented. He suddenly realized a few things that added up--were from Satan and was devastated. (I know the feeling)

    If THAT organization can dupe those members into believing they are "working for Christ" when it turns out it's just the opposite-----and Russell was a member of this organization and embraced it's teachings---then maybe it's NOT such a stretch to believe that the WTS was based on these beliefs,and that the vestiges of this still remain.

    WE KNOW how Christ is seen by the WTS, and how they insult his entire purpose, teachings and message. The WTS teaches that they are "pleasing God" and have made all KINDS of goofy claims that they cannot back up, along with practicing methodical mind-control over the members, so that THEY believe they are "Pleasing God" as well and will defend this to the death.

    WE know they are NOT pleasing anyone but the WTS,and who's to say that there AREN'T hidden motives behind the WTS walls that just might possibly BE the stuff we are discussing---but waving away because it sounds too outlandish? It's a great way to keep things covered up. Hide in plain sight.

    Somehow I can't completely discount these theories. I hope we can keep this discussion going and find out what's what.


    (Won't THIS tick off our resident JWs? LOL)

  • gitasatsangha

    Russell was not a freemason.

  • Sunspot

    **Russell was not a freemason

    If not-----what was the purpose of his tombstone?

  • oneofmany

    I once saw a picture of Russell dressed in Mason's apron in an old history book on Masons, and wish I could find that same book again. He sometimes called himself a Mason, at others times did not. It is definite that in confines of Barbara Grizutti's (spelling?) book on Jehovah's Witnesses she states (may be in an end-note) that Russell's father and the father of his wife Maria were both Masons.

    He is indeed buried across from an enormous building complex of the Masons with a huge pyramid near his small tombstone which pyramid is a Masonic emblem, and the "Arch" Masons group focuses on the divine name Jehovah. In fact in parades put on by the Shriners (Masons) they often carry banners saying for example "Jehovah-Jireh" (Jehovah of Armies) etc. I've seen pictures on the internet showing Russell's pyramid and right across the road from it the Mason buildings.

    Masons like George Washington have done excellent work for which they deserve commendation, but there is also a darker side with which some have been involved negatively. Although odd-ball-ish, some of the Bible Student groups that split in the very early 1900s have done some humanitarian work that is commendable while not killing members as has the Watchtower's no-whole blood teaching.

  • czarofmischief

    For what it's worth, russell isn't just buried under a pyramid - it's one hundred yards from an enormous Masonic temple. It's up near my house. I'll take you there if you want...


  • Sunspot

    **For what it's worth, russell isn't just buried under a pyramid - it's one hundred yards from an enormous Masonic temple. It's up near my house. I'll take you there if you want...

    Interesting, Czar!

    **Russell was not a freemason.


    What makes you say that, in view of what the evidence seems to show?

  • Golf

    Yes, this topic has been covered before. Ray wrote a letter to me in August 24, 1999

    The following is a direct quote from Ray Franz, "My parents were affiliated with the watch Tower organization from about 1913 onward and Charles Taze Russell was still alive in 1913 and the president at that time...There was no evidence whatsoever of any influence from freemasonry by any of us, not has there been since, including the fifteen years I spent at the brooklyn headquarters, nine of these years spent on the governing body."

    Guest 77

  • AlanF

    Russell was not a Mason and there is no solid evidence to prove that he was. I'll discuss some of the claims if anyone is interested.


  • gitasatsangha

    Sunspot, The evidence is misunderstood. He's not a free and accepted mason, you an believe that or not. If you have any relatives who are lodge members, they can verify that for you.

  • dolphman

    What I find fascinating about all of this is that the Russell family name is connected to the other 13 families listed as members of the illuminati. I believe a Rothschild helped Russell bankroll the WTBTS and get it started. If that's so, why would masons want to start a new religion? Was it to sow the seeds of a society of people that would be more suceptable to mind control? So that when the freemason/illuminati agenda was ready to be met a large segment of society would already be maleble enough to accept it? Look, I'm not one to accept conspiracies normally. But man, there is some AMAZING facts that just don't jive. If it hadn't been for the Russell/Mason connection, and his connection to other members of the so called 13 families, and the very nature of the JW religion, I wouldn't put much stock in the theory. But the connection between all three is rife with mystery. What I'm trying to figure out is if the illuminati, if they do exist, are working for our benefit or not. Something tells me they're not.

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