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    Are molesters always allowed to go out in the ministry door to door after they are reinstated (if they were DF'ed)? Doesn't the WT give them some sort of restrictions?

  • blondie

    They are not supposed to go out alone (another JW must be with them) and they are not supposed to be in car groups with children.

    Well, that is what they say. On Dateline (I think) they showed a reinstated molester going door to door by himself.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    As Blondie said, they are not "supposed" to go out alone. but what is stopping them from doing so? NOTHING.

    Since the general members of the congregation are not informed of the perp's misdeeds - in fact, not all of the congregations elders are necessarily informed - no one would know if Brother Hugh Jardon is a molester or not.

    Maybe it is best to assume that if two JWs are working together in field service, ONE of them is a molester. But whch one?

    Maybe they BOTH are. Maybe two molesters are assigned to work together, each not knowing the other's predilections...

  • cruzanheart

    What they SAY and what they DO are many times two different animals, XBEHERE. My dad's congregation had a convicted pedophile (photo on the Texas Sex Offenders website & everything) attending and, because his parents were part of the "in" group, that kid (he was 15 at the time, convicted and sent away when he was 14 for a year) was included in every party for the kids and treated like nothing had happened. The elders even threatened people with disfellowshipping if they told anyone this kid was a pedophile.


  • Undaunted Danny
    Undaunted Danny

    The Pedophile At Your Door Walking

    The average (JW) pedophile will,molest 148 children,in a lifetime?

    Find out more.:


    alt Denver 2004 SNAP conference


    poster1sm.jpg (56848 bytes)
  • Miss_MG

    Dear Undaunted Danny is there a list like that in other countries?


    The problem is that no one else in the congregation is suppose to know about the individual's sin that led to the Df'ing. Therefore when bro. so-and-so is announced as df'ed the congregation sits there not knowing why (unless they were personally involved) he/she is df'ed...............they just believe that jesus has directed the elders to make the spiritual decision and they are to shun the unrepentant sinner.

    So if (like in my personal experience) bro.pedophile is privately reproved by 2 elders (the only 2 that know about him sexually abusing my child because when it happened the 1st thing we were told to do was keep this quiet and not to tell even another elder) people in the congo think the sin is very small. In my case the pedo continued to play with kids because the parents weren't to be informed and wouldn't have guessed he was an abuser. For the reason that other children were at risk and my conscience directed me, I told some of the sisters to watch their kids around him. For that reason, and to shut me up, the 2 elders I originally went too, set up a jc with 2 false witnesses and had me df'ed.

    Now because the other elders weren't informed about him sexually abusing my kid, because the pedo's family were prominent in the congo and his brother was an MS, because I was bitter and questioning, and finally, because I got df'ed....................the pedo got all the support, encouragement and support while my family was seen as trouble makers. Remember, most didn't know what happened to my child and the ones who got wind of it were told not to listen to gossip.

    So with those procedures in place for dealing with pedophiles, with it being such a secret sin with only a few can anyone be sure their kids are not on return calls with a pedophile? How can you be sure you're not sitting next to a child sex abuser at the hall? How can anyone in the borg trust that the elders are looking out for their kids and trying to protect them rather than trying to protect the name and image of their sick religion first and foremost??????????

    Those are the main reasons I stopped associating with the WTS. There are many more reasons but initially it was because I couldn't trust, believe, and recommend the religion..............and I wasn't going to be an apologist for them either.

    In Australia we don't have photos of offenders, name lists etc so pedos are even more defiant.

    Cheers, Bliss

  • Corvin
    The elders even threatened people with disfellowshipping if they told anyone this kid was a pedophile.

    How is it that a 14 year old can be considered a pedophile? How old were his victims????

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    The general rule is a five year difference although in some cases a greater size difference or any imbalance of power (i.e. the 14 yr old was babysitting a 10 yr old)

  • Corvin

    OK, thanks for the clarification.

    The point being, the kid is sick and a sexual predator, despite his age. I am not sure that "pedophile" applies to this kid since he is still a kid himself . . . what say you?


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