Why can't JW's eat from street vendors?

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  • TresHappy

    My parents said they received a directive from the Society not to buy from the street vendors at the District Convention. Is that just a unique situation? I don't think this has to do with religion, but revenue...

  • Markfromcali

    They don't serve food anymore though do they? Even when they did there are plenty of JWs who are junk food addicts going down to McDonalds and such, that's not likely to stop anytime soon.

  • Elsewhere

    Because the stadium that is hosting the convention wants to sell food from the concession stands, but the WTS will not let them.

    The WTS has told the stadium management that the JWs want to "keep their families together" by not using the concessions... whatever that means. Basically it is a BS lie/reason.

    If the stadium management sees JWs going outside to buy food, then they can go to the WTS and say, "What's up????" and then deny the WTS access to the stadium unless they are allowed to sell food to the JWs.

    Bottom line is that the WTS will not sell anything at the conventions because they have a pathological aversion to paying taxes. If the stadium management is the one to sell food, then the WTS will loose out on potential donations... so the WTS says that NO ONE may sell food in the stadium.

    Basically the WTS has backed itself into a corner and the management of the stadiums are starting to wise up to what the WTS is doing.

  • Sassy

    They are encouraging families to pack their own lunch and stay at the convention site.

  • cab1000

    I dont know why, but at least in springfield,IL, they are not.

    My brother-in-law who went to the Convention in Springfield, IL, over the fourth of July weekend, came back and said that there was an announcement at the end. The "brother" mentioned that the street vendor told someone that they did not sell even one hot dog to us.

    I think that is wrong! They should have told these street vendors and hotels that the dubs would not be partaking, because you know they ordered a BUNCH of food and had way too much. That oughta piss someone off...

    On another subject of my own..I just got the book, Crisis of Conscience, from the library, It is the original version, am I going to miss anything by not reading the updated version??? Thanks...


  • Markfromcali

    OR.... it might be like the garage sale stuff, might be possessed by demons.. Demon meat! Wait.. There's something in the bible about meat sacrificed to idols right? So... Doesn't that kind of address the whole inanimate object demon possession stuff..? Oh wait, I just remembered - all of this is so stupid I don't really care.

  • Soledad

    [email protected]

    I made a covert remark to my mom about this over the weekend. she said she is well aware of the issues regarding the concession stands wanting to be open but the WTS won't let them. But in the same breath she says that the "brothers and sisters" are hard-headed and they need to do what the society directs them about bringing their own lunch, and to stay away from fast food restaurants and vendors. I told her "what about the people who come from far away and have to stay in hotels? what kind of food can they bring along for a 3 day convention that won't spoil without adequate refrigeration?" silence......

    I'm always amazed at how JWs can be derailed by plain old common sense!

  • Doubtfully Yours
    Doubtfully Yours

    Nothing to do with the religion. Just another one of their silly rules.


  • mustang

    "you don't know where that thing has been..."

    Next thing U know, U will pass a suit&tie, "homeless look-alike" holding a card-board sign saying

    "HUNGRY JW WILL WASH WINDOWS 4 FOOD" near the convention


  • TallTexan

    Yeah, this whole situation is stupid. Although, in all fairness, if they open the concession stands, then people can't bring in their own food, so it would make it hard on some of the brothers to attend. (Not that it would be a bad thing if they couldn't....lol). What they need to do is work a deal w/ the stadium that will open the stand for those that can afford it, but allow people to bring in their own food/drink if they want to. Or better yet, stop having assemblies altogether....lol.

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