ex-JW for life?

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  • Ciara

    I'm an xJW, I'll always be an xJW.

    Now what was that about beer???


  • Valis
    Now what was that about beer???

    AMEN! Please review Jeremiah 25:27-28 for tomorrow's book study..


    District Overbeer

  • Flash
    ...no one wants to be bound by there past, but we are certainly shaped by it.

    We are forever changed!


    Hello and Welcome doogie!

  • zen nudist
    zen nudist

    it seems that many are placing far too much importance on the JWs all of us are ex- just about everything we are not currently...

    we all change we all go through many experiences, we all grow and alter relationships....

    this realm is often a game of liars poker and often the best liars and cheats go far... JWs seem to be just a moderately successful con game which some of us fell for, some of us were born into and some of us joined because we were con artist our selves.... it is said you cannot cheat an honest man... and perhaps there is some truth to that.... many of us seek something other than truth.

  • Markfromcali

    One thing to take notice of is you're an ex- lotsa things - I used to work at Radio Shack, Domino's Pizza.. But I don't think of myself as an ex-employee of these companies, even if these experiences have "shaped" me (yeah right) I don't really give a second thought to it.

    There's this scene in the movie Dogma where Bethany is talking to her friend at the abortion clinic, and her friend was recounting what this seminary student - who she had tried to set Bethany up with - had said about faith. (don't worry I'm not really going there) He said faith is like a glass of water, when you're little its easier to fill - when you're bigger the glass gets bigger and it takes more liquid to fill the glass. So instead of faith, the same can be said about life experiences that "define" you. (I obviously don't buy the definition part, but hey whatever) So as Bethany said at the end of the scene: "Are you suggesting I need to get filled?" "In more ways than one."

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