What is your flavor of Beer? (why? Just taste?)

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  • Xander

    Guiness for most things.

    Dos Equis (dark) with Mexican (presuming it's REALLY SPICY - as Mexican should be). Yummy.

    Hmmm....I tend to do other Porters and Stouts at the local brewpubs (ALL the local brewpubs - there are FOUR in town! Granted, only 2 of them really export their brews in quantity.)

    Ambers are okay in a pinch - I think Amberbock is about all of the 'mainstream' beers I like. MGDs, Buds, etc - all very bleh. They taste too watered-down.

    (How many beer threads have we had, now, though? When do we start talking about OTHER alcohols? Now, gimme a Grand Marnier for instance....or 12....)

  • blondie

    We have several local breweries in the area with an excellent choice.

    When in western Canada we drink Kokanee Blue.

    We try to find microbreweries when we travel too.

    German beer is the best but expensive when imported.

    When all the above is not available: Michelob.

  • Celtic

    Scrumpy, followed by Lady of the Lake, followed by Doombar, followed by Spingo.


    Sierra Nevada's Summerfest...also Negro Modela & Bohemia. It's all about taste.


  • Shutterbug
    Dos Equis (dark) with Mexican (presuming it's REALLY SPICY - as Mexican should be). Yummy

    Any beer brewed and consumed in Mexico is good. Apparently they are compelled to lower the alcohol content before shipping it across the border. Don't know for sure that is true, but it sure tastes different imported than it does in Mexico. Bug

  • AlanF

    My favorite is Samuel Smith's Oatmeal Stout imported from England.

    I also like the German Optimator a lot.

    Local microbrew favorites are Odell's 90 Shilling and Easy Street Wheat, and New Belgium's Fat Tire and 1554.


  • Princess
    Beer .. yack! Give me anything and i'll drink it but not beer... especially guiness! Man that thing is nasty!


    A pox upon you and your unborn as well !!!!!!!! mac

    We have to cut her some slack, Mac. She's only 16 and shouldn't be drinking anything. At 16 they still like the sweet stuff like Grand Marnier...oops, sorry Xander. I love Guinness. Most microbrews. I ride past the Red Hook brewery on my morning bike rides...smells heavenly.

  • finallyspringlol

    molsen's canadian..... eh!



  • Evesapple

    when I lived in AZ I loved Fat Tire, it's out of Utah...so not sold around here.

    On a cold snowy night, I like to sit in my favorite pub, watch to snow fall, with a Guinness in hand....

    But, on a hot summers day, a slice of lime in my Corona is quite refreshing....

    Other favs...

    Bass Ale

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

    New Castle

    ...whatever the weather, whatever the mood...but never ever, ever....Coors light, budweiser, miller, or any of that sort tastes like watered down beer....yuck!

  • CountryGuy

    One of the good things that happened to me when living in Texas was that I discovered there are more beers in the world than Bud Lite.

    While there, I discovered Shiner Bock, Fat Tire and Corrona. All very good, but here I usually get my old stand by Bud. Vino's is one of the local brewpubs in Little Rock. They have one they call Firehouse Stout. I highly recommend it if you're ever in town.


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