587 BC for Total Dunderheads

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  • Farkel


    : Hasn't it ever occurred to you why God would choose a former drag queen, a poor black female impersonator as the Messiah?

    Would the real Messiah reside on disucussion boards and use all the fake names you used? These include "Bibleman", "larsguy", "Larry", and lately "JCanon." You even used the name "DougC" before. You are a fraud and a major prankster. If you believe that the original Jesus was the jerk that you are, and that you are He, then I feel very sorry for you. If you are just yanking our chains, then I feel very sorry for you. Either way, you are a fuckwit, BibleTwit. Any living human who proclaims himself to be the Christ incarnate and has pulled all the crap and lies you have pulled over the years is a fuckwit.

    Hasn't it ever occurred to you that you are a total wacko who promotes all this shit just to make you feel like sombody?

    Thought not. You are just a wacko.

    Farkel, awaiting the sword of the thought police......

  • gumby

    It's a sad fact of life and the Internet that this site is so very badly needed.

    Give the gift that matters. Send a Fuckwit card...

    Why have I been given a "fuckwit" card?

    A "fuckwit" is a person who has consistently failed to obtain any degree of 'clue'.

    This will often be in a technical sense, such as 'top posting' to usenet, quoting the entire text of a usenet post or email in your reply and adding a few words in response, or continually being a complete dickhead.

    A fuckwit is often the cause of an id-iot interface error

    Spammers are always fuckwits.

    The term "fuckwit" may now be used quite easily in non-technical circles and probably applies just as equally to many people we meet in everyday life. Rude people, devoid of manners. Loud people, especially those who use their mobile telephone in totally inappropriate environments and only know two voice volumes ('silent' and 'shouting').

    Many fuckwits drive buses. Actually, many fuckwits just 'drive' - badly.
    However, not all drivers, of buses or otherwise, are fuckwits.

    Fuckwits park on pavements and in disabled parking spaces when they are not entitled to do so.

    Fuckwits always believe they have 'right of way'.

    Fuckwits drop litter in the street.

    Fuckwits only generally care about themselves and this is evident in their overall attitude toward everything and everyone else.

    Fuckwits always know absolutely everything in the history of everythingness.

    Fuckwits talk lots and listen little.

    Fuckwits never allow evidence to prevent them continuing to be a fuckwit.

    Fuckwits, basically, are fuckwits.
    There is no cure.

    You'll know when you meet a fuckwit.


    * awaiting to be shackled with fark*

  • Celia

    fuckwits, heh ? what happened to the dipfucks of this world ?

  • JCanon

    Hi Farkel:

    Would the real Messiah reside on disucussion boards and use all the fake names you used? These include "Bibleman", "larsguy", "Larry", and lately "JCanon." You even used the name "DougC" before. You are a fraud and a major prankster. If you believe that the original Jesus was the jerk that you are, and that you are He, then I feel very sorry for you.

    You, it's interesting because as far as the fake identities, Jesus did the same thing, and some might think he was sort of a prankster. When he was resurrected, remember? He used a variety of bodies so that nobody really knew who he was until he gave himself away? And I don't mean that he showed up in a different body and then didn't tell people and some people knew who he was. He actually changed his appearance several times after the resurrection so that his disciples who had seen him once or twice in one disguise couldn't tell who he was until he gave himself away. So much for the original Christ having lots of identities. And in fact, it suggests spiritually that Christ would not use his own body any more and so not to expect him that way, and indication he would be in some other body when he returned. That's what Acts was saying about Christ will return just as you saw him leave....he was in some disguise. Maybe the last body he left in was a clone of me! HAAAA! Probably was. Don't forget, some would survive all that time without dying so some of the people who saw his last body mibht have been given a clue as to what he'd generally look like when he returned.

    And as far as fooling people, it's more than just having a different body when Christ, seeing two of his disciples talking about those recent events pretended he didn't know what they were talking about, remember? JC was having a good old time easdropping mentally on what they were saying because they didn't know it was him. Until he "broke the bread". So maybe, only when you see someone "breaking the bread" would you be able to recognize the Messiah, the "bread" being God's word, the breaking meaning understanding it and distributing it, providing knowledge.

    The water is deep, Farkel, but we both know you don't have to worry about drowning don't we? An amazing thing, foam, huh?

    Hasn't it ever occurred to you that you are a total wacko who promotes all this shit just to make you feel like sombody?

    You know, that's a "valid" point of view, but technically not accurate. Being black I'm used to being at the bottom, but I was always smart in school and then when I started impersonating Diana Ross I became a cult celebrity. I actually met Diana Ross, I was in a show that opened for Milton Berle once and I've been on televesion numerous times when I was on tour. I didn't really think I was "somebody" until I performed near New York in New Jersey at a theatre called the "Playhouse on the Mall". I saw the add in the paper and it said the tickets were "available through Ticketron." That one little thing made me think..."Hey, I guess I did something. I may be a in the back of a very big room, but if you can order my ticket on Ticketron, just like everybody else, I guess I'm somebody."

    So not only had I performed on stage which means I got my picture in the paper often and had the fun of waiting up for reviews after opening night, got to travel, but there was that audience every night applauding for me. I was a sensation experience on stage...most of the time anyway. It isn't that much as far as show-biz standards go, but how many people do you know have been intereviewed on television or a guest on a talk show?

    Point being? That in some books, I'm already a "somebody" to some extent, but none of that ever impressed me that much. Oh it was fun, but for some reason my ego was much bigger than the audience. I didn't much care about the audience in fact. If they didn't warm up to me then I refused to perform for them the way I normally would. And I always had an ALTERIOR motive for show business. It wasn't the attention I could get but what that meant to others; basically, it gave me a chance to meet more men. Then it got to the point where I'd only do it for money and if the money wasn't there I wouldn't perform. I've turned down lots of offers to perform because the money wasn't right or something wasn't right.

    So being a "celebrity" or somebody was never that difficult for me but I wasn't impressed with it. I was too nerdy or spiritual or both. So while, yes, it would seem logical for me to be posting this way and making these claims if I needed some personal validation in my life and this was the only and best way I could get it, but that would depend on how well I was doing before. I wasn't doing that bad. I was smart enough to have a job and even became a real estate agent and self-published two books.

    So I wouldn't say, per my estimation, that I'm really doing this for attention. It's not like I hadn't known what it was like to have people line up for my autograph after a performance, right? I've played "celebrity" enough sufficient for any ego boost I might have needed if I felt my life was such a failure otherwise, but it just wasn't. I've been the center of attention in my life before; it's not all it's cracked up to be, as far as I'm concerned.

    I don't know. A whole lot of people have gotten to the level I've gotten to and done what I've done, but it does make you feel good, on your way to the stage to pass by Milton Berle's dressing room from your own private dressing room and then pass by the band's chorus dressing room. And it's not just that, it's the staff around you, all hired to meet your every single need.

    And then there's those incidental "wonder moments" when on the way to the theatre you stop into the liquor store to get some munchies and the guy behind the counter says, "I saw you on TV today", or once when I used to take a taxi to the club every night after I'd done an interview on TV the taxicab driver had seen me on TV. That kind of sinks in.

    And then there's the people who work with you treat you like a celebrity. Not the people coming to see you but the other singers and performers. They associate with you because you're one of "them" and not others. So while Milton Berle traveled with his manager and music conductor, they were very much "employees"; but I happened to be leaving on the same flight he was and so I was at his table talking about show biz. When Milton Berle took out the cast of the group I was in, we all had dinner, whatever, but the people who worked for him wasn't invited. Plus once you've had a producer and been in a professional show, and I don't mean the local drag clubs either not that that isn't a form of the "theatre", then you get introduced as a celebrity. So, for instance, just recently, I was with a singer friend of mine who I reintroduced to my producer, show related, and then he was co-producing another show that night and invited us to attend. So I was with this well-known local artist sitting a table with other stars, with comp seats, and we were seated before everybody else. It's the VIP treatment.

    So no, nice try, but "poor little uncomplished desperate for attention insecure person" has never been me. So I hear you, and maybe I'd buy into some of that if I had never had another occasion to sign autographs or perform in the theatre. And it took a LOT to get there, not that Diana Ross didn't help. But I'm aware of the dedication and study and focus it takes to be a professional.

    Sooo, BELIEVE ME....I didn't really need this as an ego boost.

    Not really. I was a "celebrity" as much as I cared to be before this. In fact, have some experience as a celebrity probably is good training for this role since I can balance out my own perspective even when dealing with others.

    Besides that, God gives the 144,000 and the Messiah GLORY. It's his glory, not that of our own. It's like the Moon's light...it comes from the sun, it has no light of its own. So the 144,000, though KINGS are really more priests. We are SERVANTS! When Jesus washed the feet of the disciples even though he was the Messiah...THAT'S THIS JOB! Cleaning up the mess!

    So it's really more like winning the LOTTO kind of joy and glory, not the glory of being born a king and heir to a fortune. I wont the lottery. That's all, lucky me!!!

    And it's even better now! Now when I need that little "attention" boost you think I need, I just go to one of several karaoke bars and for $1 a song I can be as much of a "star" as I want to be; everybody has a few good songs they can sell to the audience.

    Thought not. You are just a wacko.

    Farkel, awaiting the sword of the thought police......

    You know, Farkel, you're HOPING I'm a wacko. That's a safe presumption. After all, what other choices do you have for this "crazy" claim?

    But...no matter how many excuses all the phony Messiahs have out there and what ego problems they have, if ever a true Messiah would come and reveal himself, he'd have no choice but to admit that he was the Messiah. But I guarantee you, he will sound just as crazy as the others!

    So, yeah, maybe I'm crazy and need an ego boost, I didn't feel accomplished enough in my life, fine. But maybe I'm just admitting to the truth so that later when apostates want to get into the kingdom I'll be able to say: "I TOLD you I was the Messiah! right up front. I admitted it!" That's all this is about.

    Know this.


  • Farkel

    This thread has got to win the award for the most shits taken on any thread in the history of this board. "JCanon" was dumping so much crap on this board that the whole topic became obscured with shit. He is like that. No one, and I mean NO one will go to those lengths to garner attention to himself than JCanon, alias "BibleMan", "Larry Lars" and a million other aliases. His hijaking of decent threads may have caused decent people to give up on good subjects when good subjects may have helped them see the light and cause them to reevaluate their beliefs. But JCanon doesn't give a fuck about that. He gives EVERYTHING about himself. I pity you, fool. Narcissist. (That is the ULTIMATE "fuck you" BibleTwit.) You care about NO ONE but yourself, even if others could be helped: YOUR EGO comes before them being helped.

    This is evil, in my book.


  • nicolaou

    Just wanted to give this thread a second airing and to thank Farkel for the original and easily grasped post.

  • GetBusyLiving

    Reading this thread was an absolute mind-f**k.


  • apologist

    I recommend you all read the book, The Gentile Times Reconsidered, by Carl Olof Jonsson. In it you will find irrefutable evidence against the 607 BCE date for the destruction of Jerusalem. It is arduos reading but well worth it! "Truth needs no other foundation than honest investigation under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and a willingness to follow truth when it is discovered."

    In Christ,

  • AlanF

    Thank you, apologist, but you're preaching to the choir.


  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Great Job Farkel,

    I am gald you brought this subject to the fore again. I know we have hashed this subject out MANY times here on this forum, but this critical evidence that the Society is NOT what they claim. This subject is close to my heart, as it was this very topic that got me and my husband out! The Society wants to make it complicated so you will do what most do and say,"Oh, forget it.. I trust they are right!"

    Yet it is not that hard to understand. I am so glad you took the time to get 587/607 figured out. Now, you are more able to help others understand it. Who knows how many you may have helped with this post!


    Lady Liberty

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