Experience with a so called "worldy" person

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  • Lehaa

    Welcome to the board.
    I"m so glad things have turned out so well for you.

  • confusedjw
    the ability for free thought

    This is just crazy. What is the world coming to!

    Congrats to you guys. Hang around and help others.

  • cyber-sista

    Congrats to you for being a person true to your own heart! Welcome!



  • czarofmischief

    Ah - the way JW boys can break little worldly girls hearts... I have three crosses to bear in that regard, maybe more... On their account I call down evil upon the WT. May their pain be magnified tenfold upon the hearts of the governing body!

    And may the pain burning in my heart over my own foolish choices devour me like a cancer and kill me...


  • Satanus


    Mennonite woman, good woman Both my parents grew up as mennonites in the canadian bible belt.

    No doubt that christianity is better than jwism. Actually, there are a few similarities between mennonites and jws, at least there used to be. Although, you may have hit one of the more liberal churches. They used to be into the male headship thing, and took the bible quite fundamentally. Other than that, they do a lot of social work all over the world, like teaching people how to farm, digging wells, supporting indigenous culture.


  • M.J.


    Be careful in your situation. If things don't swing your way in the faith department, don't cave in...just walk away. In the end it will work out for the better. Believe me.

    "Unanswered Prayers"
    Garth Brooks

  • iron

    Ya know, I dont really know what possessed my to look up JW's on the internet tonight, i just did it. But since Im here Ill tell my story, because now I am the worldly person. I was born and raised as a Jehovah's Witness. From the time I was little I never liked it. And I let it be known from a young age. I never felt it was right and I didnt believe what I was taught. My father left the "truth" when I was about 7 years old and he and my mother were divorced. Dad started a new life later with his second wife and her daughter. I always wanted to get to see my father but my mother told me that he didnt want to see me or my brother and sister. I didnt believe this and finally looked him up in the phone book. We used to talk all the time, secretly of course, mom would not have stood for it. A few years later, dad called us at the house and told me and my brother and sister that he really wanted us in his life, he said he was getting old and needed his children in his life. Well it turned out that he used to call our house and want to speak to his kids but mom told him that we didnt want to talk to him because he wasnt a JW anymore. I guess mom thought she was protecting us. Well when we all talked it over, moms brainwashing had worked on my brother and sister, they wanted nothing to do with dad. But I was different. There was no religion that would keep me from seeing my father that I love so much. So we started visiting regularly on the weekends. I would go to his house and stay there. It was like old times. And his new wife who I really didnt know.....well she was a sweetheart, which was the complete opposite of what my mother told me. All this kinda made me start thinkin that the witnesses dont really adhere to their no lying teachings. Well me and dad continued visiting for a long time. I got the relationship i had wanted with him. When I turned 16, I got a job and dad helped me buy my first truck. Which mom wasnt pleased with at all. She told me he was trying to buy my love and kept telling me how Jehovah didnt want me associating with dad. Well I kept visiting with dad, and driving my truck. A few months later I was visiting with dad one weekend and I went out with some non-witness friends for the night. I wound up meeting this girl I knew from school and started to really like her. Well I started taking her out on the weekend nights when I was with dad, and I intriduced her to my father too. Dad said how proud he was that I had a girlfriend and how pretty shse was.

    One saturday i was out and I had this girl with me. Mom just happpend to be out knocking on doorspreaching that day. she spotted me and started following me. When I stopped she came up to the truck and started scolding me for having this worldly girl in my vehicle. It was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to me. Mom told me I was in a lot fo trouble and that she was going to take me inffront of the elders at the kingdom hall. Well to make a long story short, I was told not to keep seeing this girl. But I did anyway. Eventually she caught me with her again and she made me give my truck back to my father. Now i couldnt see my girlfriend that I loved. This made twice that my mother and her religion stood in the way of me seeing someone I loved. That was it for me. I gave the "truth" up completely and moved in with my dad 3 months later. But by this time I had lost my girl and I could understand why. But when I moved in with my father, I lost the rest of my family too. Now they wont have anything to do with me. And my mother tells my little 4 year old half sister that I dont love god, I love satan.

    Now to conclude this, I cant see how someone could want to be a part of a religion that breaks up families. I thought that the biggest thing the bible taught was to be a strong family. I guess the JWs missed that part. But I'm fine now. I have a father that is proud of me. Im in the US Army and I serve proudly. I have been to Iraq fighting for freedom, which makes mom hate me even more. But I still know who my real family is...my father, the thousands of other soldiers I serve with, and the millions of Americans I help to protect. And I have new beautiful girlfriend who I love. So all I can say is, If you love family, dont let yourself get sucked into this religion, it will destroy your family. I havent seen mine in over 2 years now.


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