How to account for the disappearing of the faithful slave class?

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  • observador
    Now, that is exactly what I mean. The GB is a central institution in the org. Imagine you have a friend your age and this friend realizes he is annointed. He ends up as a member of the GB. With time he comes up with new reinterpretations of prophecies, which you have to accept as divinely revealed truth. The clandestine character of the GB is lost for good. YOu know this guy, and so you may have doubts as to why he is so more special than you are.

    They don't have to go this far. There are quite a few "brothers" in his 60 or 70 just waiting to be appointed as GB members. It is just a matter of convincing them they are of the "annointed".

    That's why I think they can keep playing this game for a long time, while mantaining the number of "annointed" around the 8000 they are today.


  • heathen

    I think they can explain it away with the scripture of the evil slave class . It would be legitimate . Even in the time of the apostles there were many anointed who proved to be anti christ and such . I don't see how today would be any different . I still disagree that women qualify for the 144k .

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