I am New here and Have a question of utmost importance ! Please Help

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  • Fleur
    She has changed so much and it frightenes me. Does any one have any ideas. I am praying for her. I use to go to the Kingdom hall with her as a baby but then her mom took her away to live in a drug and bad invirnment. Please help me if you can.

    reading what you posted again and seeing this really clearly the second time...if this kid was around people using drugs, if mom had boyfriends, i'd bet that she has some secrets she's hiding.

    please, get her help, she has to open up to someone about what she has been through during the time she was with her mom.

    i hate to say that most of the kids i knew who did this have been molested...but its true. i certainly hope that isn't the case, but she needs proper care and guidance to get through this, and you'll need support too as her guardian. be sure you both get the help you need, please!!! praying for her just is not enough.

    no matter how well you mean by it, well god helps those who help themselves.

  • globug

    I have thought that she might have been molested as she was growing up. She only lived 11 miles from me and her mother and her moms boyfriend were doing frugs and having all sorts of this kind of thing going on and alot of Phical and Mental abuse my grandaughter got from My daughters boyfriend. I tried to step in when my grandaughter told me that there was drugs and stuff there at her house and she was really frightened. In the prosess my daughter jumped down my thrat and called me every dirty name that she could and screamed at me yelling all sorts of bad things. Even the p[olice got involved at that time . That was 2 and 1/2 years ago. I could not see my grandchildren and they were forbidden to come near me. Even in the grocery store. My heart Broke because I did nothing to deserve this treatment and My grand children especially Anjelica the one I am speaking of did not deserve it either. I am trying to Just Love her which I do very much. Her mom is making her to move back to the same invirnment in 2 weeks. I am afraid what will happen next.

  • Fleur

    get her to a doctor NOW so that they can prevent her from going back to any environment which would further jeopardize her health!

    she's lucky to have you, some kids have no one, hopefully she will hang on to the love you have to offer her. don't hesitate, get her to a doctor now.



  • ApagaLaLuz

    Yes you should get her some professional help. I have custody of my nephew who as a little child was subjected to a drug filled environment and witnessed things no child should. When he first came to live with me he used to tell me about dreams he had of monsters cutting his head off, and that he wanted to die. He was 5 years old. I spoke to a child psychologist about it. Thankfully it was just the stress of the move and he eventually grew out of it.

    Being 14 years old is a very hard time. At least it was one of the hardest years for me. She's probably just going through a stage, but if she's threatening to hurt herself, you need to get her help. Good luck, and please keep us posted of her progress.

  • Joker10
    I had a friend do this as a RESULT of being dragged to the kh,


    Please get help. The more you wait, the harder it will get.

  • Soledad

    I think it's a phase. 14 and misunderstood. wants attention.

    HOWEVER if there are issues such as what you described in your 2nd post, then perhaps Child Protective Services should be involved?

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