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  • meggidon555

    The new light of Jehovah or I like to call it thr book of explanation

    In the year 1935 a small newly reconized people were lead off captive to an old way of thinking. The thinking of Babylon the great. What is this way of thinking?

    In order to explain we must go back to the garden of eden to the first lie told. The lie in question to Eve from satan that you will be like god and not die at all and you will know what is right and wrong this is the doctrine of imortality and self rule. Which goverments and religions of all sorts have taught. Notice how states and religions kinda run together thru history always stepping on each others toes. That is because there is hardly any diffrence between them. In fact each one has it's own part the States promote self rule of man, the Religions the immortality of man. How does babylon fit in to this? Simple it is the sparking point for most religions. Of special note two modern ones

    judeism and cristianity. both religions can trace line back to first century babylon. The talmud doesn't even hide where it came from it is called the babylonic talmud.

    Cristianity on the other hand has because of the book of revalations prediction about babylon the Great. They try to say peter the so call rock of cristianity criptically

    mentions rome when he said he wrote his letter from babylon. but most scholars say tyhat he probaly was preaching to the very jews in babylon that wrote the talmud.

    intresting is paul rebuking of peter for favoring the jews over gentiles. Amazing how they work together so well today isn't it. considerng each one thinks the other is apostate.

    I hope you get it

    Now back to that small reconized group of people they are intresting because of one thing. They do not belive in an after life but do belive in god. They belive he is righteous

    and will repay them with life on earth the way he intended. What 1935 is special about it. 2520 years before it in the years 586 bce was the year was the fall of jerusalem to babylon. 1935 the year the tree in daniels prophesy was to be unbond. The chosen one appeared but were lead off to babylon a teaching that some would still go to heaven.

    this is no difernt than the lie told to even. Now 70 years later a call goes out to flee her before her judgement.

    coming soon the false prophet identified

    P.S. If you haven't figured it out yet, you stupid!!!!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    P.S. If you haven't figured it out yet, you stupid!!!!

    I hated this stuff when I was a JW. I hate it more now. I I haven't figured it out and don't really want to

    well if I had a clue what you were talking about

    Lee <<definitely of the stupid class.>>

  • meggidon555

    P.S. If you haven't figured it out yet, you stupid!!!!<===== sorrry forgot to remove it you have know I am 24 immaturity has a strong hold on me still beside to you i am still asocial path psyco any way

    the false prophet explantion

    Islam simple, looks like a lamb in beliefs speaks like a dragon in acts. As in 9\11 among other things. It has two major prongs on horns suni and shea ( Spelling isn't a strong suit ether) two major centers of worship meca and medina. Need to explain more.

    No, you don't care to find the truth okay glad to see you are happy

    The way I see do not this time you listen I get another shot at you unlike most I belive Jehovah will give You a second chance at learning the truth in the resurection.

    I would and I only know rejection not love.

    DO your research I find wikipedia good source but any encylopedia should do to back it up.

    oh the society would be part of babylon if I am right all cristianity and judaism is no exceptions the just diffrent sects of mans governance.

    please don't listen to me. The way I see it doesn't matter much this time around but, You might want to know this for the second one.

    to quote a james bond title you only live twice. see ya on the other side. this is the last from me

    sorry, I bothered you please forgive

  • jgnat

    Megiddion, if you want to start your own religion, do it on your own thread. Please get out of Lady Lee's thread.

  • meggidon555

    I apolgize just what is said about one religion or goverment fits them all

    the all come from satan maybe so do I just thought I found out some thing of intrest.

    history or time will prove, go grind your axes waist your time on the past and present prophets are never relizer until there dead anyway

    see ya

    P.S. why start another one just to become just like the rest Blind,Deaf, and Unintellingent they all fall some time.

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