Gross things kids do!!!!!

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  • simplesally

    A childhood friend used to eat snails. Then her mom told her "No dirty!! Shells, yuk." Well, you know don't you? She took the shells off first then ate them!

  • Mulan

    Dave was holding our 10 month old son, who was standing on his lap in a rental car, in Hawaii, while we were at a laundromat washing clothes. He was listening to some sporting event on the radio. The car had bucket seats, which was a good thing as you will see. They were really bucket seats with a nice scooped out area where he sat.

    Danny was wearing a pitiful excuse for a disposable diaper (1980) (he was only wearing the diaper) and had diarrea from eating a lot of fruit that day. Suddenly, as Dave tells the story, he began to press and grunt, and a fountain of liquid poop comes pouring out of each side of the diaper onto his lap and filling the space between his legs. He couldn't move so yelled for one of the other kids to come to the car and go get Mom. Danny starts crying because Dave is yelling, and he is running in place, splashing poop all over.

    I was in a grocery store, two doors down, so Rachel (10 years old) came running to get me to help Dad. I got there and burst out laughing so hard. Dave wasn't amused. Fortunately there were lots of towels and other clothes in the laundromat so we were able to clean it all up.

    Danny hates for us to tell that story. It's Dave's favorite story now.

  • ohiocowboy
    We moved about about 1.5 years ago, and when I moved the computer desk and the pc I found my son's booger stash (on the wall).

    I used to keep mine on the back of the headboard.....

  • franklin J
    franklin J


    only someone with kids could truly appreciate the humor in your story!

  • Maya

    LOL.......those stories are too funny!

    I remember when my sister was a toddler,,,,,she used to find them in half........

    and then eat 'em.......

    Hmmmmm........I guess that would explain a few things.......

  • azaria

    When my son (now 22) was a baby I layed him down for a nap. When I later checked on him I carefully opened the door and the stench. He had painted the (Jennie Lynn) crib and the walls with his poop and had fallen asleep. It was everywhere. I gently washed him up and everything else. He never woke up.

    I reread my post Yes he did eventually wake up. Sorry I'm still thinking of the lifesaver joke.

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