Christian bakery ordered to pay $150 000 to gay couple

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  • cofty

    An Oregon bakery that refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex marriage has lost its appeal....

    The judge has ordered 'Sweet Cakes by Melissa' to pay $150 000 damages to Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer.

    Discrimination is illegal, and religious superstition is not an excuse. How long before JWs land in court under similar circumstances?


  • sir82

    I dunno, there's that pesky "1st amendment" in the US.

    There's a pretty significant difference between a bakery and a church.

    That said, I agree, the tide has turned. Eventually even JWs will have to accede to granting gays at least basic respect, in order to protect their (JWs) precious reputation.

  • Simon

    Saying "we don't serve gays" is as antiquated and backward as "no coloreds allowed" and is rightly punished.

    What will happen when the discrimination that is an intrinsic part of most religions meets up with a changing society and the law? We can only wait and see.

    I suspect, as with most things such as scientific understanding, religion will back away yet again and abandon their principles in order to stay in business.

    They do make much more money than cake shops though.

  • cofty
    ...and a future generation of apologists will be telling us that the church led the way in fighting for gay rights.
  • Simon

    Yes, it's "new ad refined understanding from the scriptures". Not a 180 degree change of direction in any way at all.

    Also, we obey god as ruler rather than men ... unless the men won't give us tax breaks.

  • snare&racket

    Great point cofty, they will quote changes in homosexual doctrine to be drivers in community progress around the world...... 

    Coming back to the OP, I have felt for some time that JW's skate far to close to the edges of religious extremism for most people now. the literature is less provocative thanit was but only because the homophobic culture survives well without it being printed in ink. I know teens disfellowshipped from my old hall, cut off from all friends and family, because they refused to pretend to be straight for the rest of their lives. It is a crime and one day, it will be punished as such, rightly so.

  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Well that was a pretty expensive cake they never baked!

    Shocked that this was in Oregon.

  • JeffT
    I have mixed feelings on this subject.  Wife and I are in the midst of planning a lesbian wedding for our daughter and I would not want to hear some one say they won't serve us.  On the other hand, using this as precedent, somebody could sue an African-American bakery for not serving a KKK event.  It's going to cut both ways.  
  • Simon

    I understand that viewpoint. Part of me thinks "sheesh, Americans - sue sue sue". If you don't like someone's business practices then go elsewhere and let normal market forces work. Do you really want them to make your cake?

    But some things need a push and a precedent. Not everyone has choices and society needs to protect those who don't. No one should have to wonder if they are allowed in somewhere everyone else is or if they will be treated like everyone else will.

    BTW: Good luck on the wedding!

  • Viviane
    JeffT: Being a KKK member is a choice. Being gay or black or a woman is not.

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