Mouthy - Our Favourite Grandma

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  • Uzzah


    These past couple of days you have been alluding to passing on and a few 'if I die soon' type comments. I know death is natural but you can't go anywhere yet! We all love you here and need your special kind of humour and wisdom for all us young pups!

    Besides, who else could make Glen How and Ken Little squirm like you did?

    Please know we all love ya .. even this big ole retired WT Convention Security guy/bouncer

    Consider yourself hugged!! I am hoping to be coming by your area in the next few weeks for work. I'll let you know when and we can get together.



  • Valis

    For Grace..


    District Overbeer

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Thanks for putting up with me.

    Love ya lots. ((Mouthy)))

  • gumby

    Hey......if Mouthy least us Apostate bastards will have someone to talk to on the other side when we go. We might beat her there. Besides.....who'd be better to talk to the dead GB than our own contancerous Mouthy?

    You'll be around awhile Mouthy..........little cocky grannys live forever


  • Stefanie


  • ApagaLaLuz

    Hey Mouthy!! I never had a Grandma, but if I did I sure wish we was as cool as you.Maybe she would have whipped me in to line as a youngin and I wouldnt have all these problems now :)

    Love Ya! I always Love your posts.

    p.s. I wanted to post on your picture thread, but I wasted all my posts on nonsense, just wanted to say that you have just about the cutest grand babies EVER

  • Sassy

    We love you soooo much Mouthy...

  • mouthy

    Well What a lovely surprise.. & It isnt my birthday till Sat ( just a reminder kids)

    I loved all your comments. But I want to go home!!! truly I do!!!! I have a Masion waiting for me. ( ducking from the stones)

    Hey Uzziah..... Will look forward to hugging my big burly bear. I often think how wonderful it was to see you in the coffee shop laughing at me.... One of the highlights of my life (((((((HUG)))

    The other highlight was YOU kicking me off the Skydome.... My persecution LOL..

    I STILL pray for Glen & Ken!!!!!I could just see the love in their eyes when Glen pitched my card in my face ----( The Devil made him do it.))))

  • gumby
    But I want to go home!!! truly I do!!!!

    I hope when I am your age I will feel the same.....wherever home might be. I envy people who can see it as you do. Your another one I wish I could meet. Are you sure you can't make Dallas at the end of the month?


  • Cassiline

    Hugs to you forum Grandma!


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