Giving comments at meetings that cause cognitive dissonance while keeping yourself below elder radar for apostasy

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  • TerryWalstrom

    The young JW I spoke with several months back now regularly remains in contact with me and visits with me on Sundays. He's a good source for inside information; especially from a 20-year-old's perspective in 'the Truth.'

    He told me that the fellow who originally lured me into the Organization (who is in his Kingdom Hall) made a comment about 1975 really having been a prediction and not an apostate rumor!

    My source followed up by explaining, "Immediately after the meeting everybody watched as he was taken into the library and the door shut, with 3 elders right behind him"

    Now, this old friend of mine is well-known as a devout JW with all the gravitas you can accumulate from 50 years of unflagging service. If he can't get away with a simple, personal expression of reality--how is anybody else going to evade the wrath of retribution?

    I'm not saying, "Don't try" because living a lie will make you sick and it will destroy your integrity. But--being prudent is self-defense. 

    To be aware, beware.

  • Island Man
    Island Man
    Your old friend wasn't subtle enough. His statement clearly implied that Watchtower/JWs are lying when they say 1975 is just apostate rubbish. He went too far. He should have omitted saying "really" and he should have omitted saying "not an apostate rumor". He over did it.

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