Giving comments at meetings that cause cognitive dissonance while keeping yourself below elder radar for apostasy

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  • enigma1863
    You could comment on how terrible other religions are but point out the things that are actually parallel to JWs. Maybe bring up Mormon beliefs or Scientology. I've wanted to point out that cults can have more than one leader or tell them some cults say they have 8 leaders so no one will know they are a cult. 
  • konceptual99

    So can we look forward to an increase of comments on here about the latest crazy answer we have heard at the meeting and start wondering if the person is perhaps awake to TTATT?

    Perhaps we should try the Jehovah's Trumpet approach and find something to say that is so out there but has the ring of truth about it.  I would love to come out with something like "we have to take our ministry absolutely seriously.  Can you imagine making indifferent calls on a street of people, then Armageddon coming the next day. As we walk around we see the dogs and the birds feasting on the flesh of those we had only given a casual witness to the day before.  That might just take the edge off our joy of being saved so we have to give these ones a serious witness.  The lives of 7 billion people are in our hands.".


  • Vidiot

    Takin' the crazy to it's logical extreme, huh?

    I gotta say, this could be a really fun way of blowing off steam for those who are stuck in and can't just quietly fade.

  • Splash

    One comment was that the Bible in Judges 4:4 calls Deborah a judge and a prophetess, so she held a very important position...

    The conductor then explained how Deborah was not actually a judge, and that suited me perfectly.

    I wonder if any questioned his reasoning, having just been shown in the Bible that he was twisting things.

    Oh well, we'll keep it up and see what happens.

  • prologos

    Comment on next week's bible reading: " The bible makes scientifically correct descriptions, even emulated today.  Judges 13:20 "-- Jehovah's angel ascended from off the altar heavenward --fire of the altar, while manoa and his wife were looking on. So, in our family bible reading my teenage son opted for a fiery rocket lift-off, like he watched in his youth the shuttle, but my wife nailed it with her comment: 'the ascend was with a hot air balloon, HOT AIR'. (all of it) and:                                                                                                                                                                Judges 14:4 possible meeting comment: "While God's law is clear to "marry only in the Lord" for 'true christians' and ancient Israel, God is free to circumvent such strict laws, when it suits him, like in the case of Samson, who was maneuvered by Jehovah to marry the appealing Delilah. so, you never know what god's plans are,-- laws or not.     

  • Crazyguy

    Their gods people and their following gods Org so that's all that matters, so their minds are check out and no longer think. At my JC meeting the top elder of the hall whatever he's called said I kid you not, that after he got baptized he stopped thinking. He also asked me at one point early in our discussions about a subject that I stated we maybe wrong on, if I was one of those real detailed bible studier types, for he was not.

    I think once they become convinced their in gods Org they become delusional. 

  • Jonathan Drake
    Jonathan Drake

    first method is to give a comment as if you're a complete hardliner.  An example of this is a comment I wanted to give during the book study a few weeks ago.  The paragraph said something about his God cleverly had the Bible written in such a way that it exposed those with a"critical heart" my comment was "many people take issue with the fact that the good of the Bible on several occasions ordered the Israelites to kill every man, woman, and child of other nations, not even giving them the chance to accept God.  But it is clear that anyone raising such objections simply have a critical heart." Basically the point is to apply the point of the paragraph in such a way that it becomes obvious to anyone with half a brain that it's wrong.

    The only problem with this is any who are familiar with the Old Testsment well enough will know it isn't the case. The land of Canaan is recorded in the scriptures to have had 300 years to repent and return to God. It wasn't untill after this period their land was seen as no longer theirs and given to Israel. So they had a very long time in which they could repent and return to God but they did not. Also, even when Isarel was at the gates, if the people had repented and urged to God they'd have been forgiven and spared. This is demonstrated by the likes of rahab and the men who feigned to come from a distant land and make a covenant of peace.

  • StrongHaiku
    How about making the comment and adding the words "I guess?" at the end. No. Don't do that. That'll just get you in trouble...
  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower
    Also even more effective is giving a private statements that cause cognitive dissonance but done with complete innocent expression and obliviousness to the contradictions.
  • StrongHaiku
    Brokeback Watchtower12 hours ago
    Also even more effective is giving a private statements that cause cognitive dissonance but done with complete innocent expression and obliviousness to the contradictions.
    Yep.  Good reminder...Innocent questions can be very powerful...

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