1980s Brochure/magazine on demon possession?

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  • Biahi

    A sister in our hall had 4 kids, unbelieving husband. One of the kids had smurf draperies in his room, she claimed at night they jumped off the drapes and danced around his bed. I think she was a little nuts, she claimed she went in his room and saw this happening. She burned the drapes. Lol

  • lriddle80

    My dad said that his mom was at a study and started having this tunnel vision and could feel the demons. So, after I rebelled and moved out, he came to my house and what do you know, the same thing happened to him in my apartment

    It was not the first time I was accused of having demons, ugh. Jerks.

  • Awakening12

    This brochure really freaked me out when I read it. I was a good, try hard, jw teenager, and that brochure made me so scared. Of course my parents used to share demon stories too from time to time. Further freaking out! In truth, it all helps to keep you entrapped.

  • Finkelstein

    The WTS is with no question a fear mongering cult , without imposing fear into the minds of the public, the WTS may never have gotten off the ground or retain its followers.

  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    We still know of sisters who freak out if they hear of one or two others who buy 2nd hand furniture for upcycling. Or have been known to throw items in the bin when visiting the homes of other witnesses on learning they came out of an antique shop. This has made them local heroes in their congregation.

    I always hoped they would come to my home so that I could show them my new age books and if they as much laid a finger on them I would have enjoyed kicking them off the premises! But they never came more's the pity.

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