Is the End right around the corner or what???

by Lynnie 22 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Gorbatchov

    My US family is always speaking of buying real estates and stocks.

    Before our family dinner they prayed about the very short time.

    Double double standards.

    Mentioned the last time they speak not about the truth but about their company only.


  • new boy
    new boy

    The only ones that want Armageddon to come quick are the poor witnesses. The rich ones hope Armageddon might drag it's feet a bit.

  • steve2

    My maternal JW grandparents who converted to the organization in the 1920s never owned any property and rented until their respective deaths in the 1970s. Each of their 9 children (4 remained Witnesses), own property and gave never rented.

    Funny that the closer we get to the presumed end, JW behavior indicates it's further away.

  • Fisherman

    That's an old implication that the end would come at the turn of the century.

  • BluesBrother

    Around the corner? Yes, but it is an (choose your expletive) long and slow curve corner!

  • jookbeard

    bit morbid isnt it talking about a "death car" I suppose it all depends how old they are, one thing is certain though no matter what age the car reaches they as will every single person living on the planet will at one time pass away.

  • pale.emperor

    "Why would you want to go to University? Armageddon will be here soon!" - My mum 15 years ago.

    "Why would you want to save all that money for two years to tour America? Give it to the org, Armageddon will be here soon!" - My mum 13 years ago.

    "Why would you want to buy a house? Armageddon will be here soon!" - My mum 8 years ago.

    "Why would you leave "the truthâ„¢" now?!! Armageddon will be here soon!" - My mum 1 year ago.

    Needless to say, my old mum has zero savings, zero pension to rely on when she's older, no house of her own, no career, and the big A doesn't seem any closer than it was when she was baptized up 41 years ago.

    Maybe she hopes Watchtower will look after her in her old age? I would, but unfortunately for her I'm dead to her now so...

  • Phoebe

    Over 30 years ago my parents took my uber sister and husband on holiday. As they passed Stonehenge my sister husband said 'that will be on the floor next year' (referring to Armageddon coming and knocking Stonehenge over)

    Over 20 years ago a sister in our congregation said she was going to the Chelsea Flower show because she wanted to see it before Armageddon. (She's still here and the Chelsea Flower show is still going strong.)

    Over 23 years ago I was told not to bother buying my eldest a school uniform for senior school as Armageddon would be here before he went (He's 35 now and a lawyer)

    Over 50 years ago I was told to leave school asap and get pioneering because Armageddon was just around the corner. I'm 64 now.

    Long corner, isn't it?

  • tiki

    But also...for some uber-dubs who happen to have $$$...they have the idea tucked in the back of their heads that the heavenly armies will pass over their properties in the destructive swath....actually wasn't the thought that most gorgeous upscale homes would magically survive unscathed for the survivors to claim?

  • Lynnie

    yes there are quite a few rich JW's here in Seattle, they are always traveling and doing fun stuff, Oh and they stop in at a branch headquarters when they are traveling so I'm sure they can legitimize the travel. No one seems too concerned around here. Of course if you are a rich JW it's much easier anyway.

    funny my cousin was talking about long term health care insurance since they are about 66 or so and are apparently not counting on Armaggedon any time soon either. How do these people live with themselves? It's so hypocritical but of course they can't see it at all.

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