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  • Introvert 2
    Introvert 2

    Good post Magnum PI I feel you. Same here 55 this summer, came in at 37 with untreated depression. Took me a decade to figure things out and get help. As for your feelings for the world's injustices I sympathise with you. Was very much the same in my mid thirties. Now I'm doing what I can to plan for retirement and am leaving bigger things to the Christ. I just to what I can to be a good person as you are. Doing lots of mountain biking and weights to stay healthy, that and diet / rest and have zero feelings of guilt for taking care or me.

  • DesirousOfChange

    JW organization faces at present is a crisis of legitimacy because its message of urgency is just a few months shy of 140 years (1879 to present). ~ Steve

    But most JWs are oblivious to that fact. Well over half were not even associated in 1975 and know nothing of that fiasco. And those who are aware and do remember it, close their minds with Cognitive Dissonance. They don't WANT to remember it! They can't handle the remembrance of it because it will shatter their dreams!

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    They can't handle The Truth About The Truth(™)

  • Wakanda

    I commiserate Magnum. They were and are so full of it; it is such a foreign thought to think about how confident they/we were in the 70s/80s (and before, but that was before me). That wt with it's confidence made mental illness and personality disorders like a hurricane makes tornados, though. It just makes me think of some real jerks, not you of course. But I digress. Here's hoping you are feeling a little better soon, and thank you for sharing your memories and current challenges... and those challenges are huge. Sorry.

  • zeb
    • The gb have run out of ideas.
    • Bethel leaks like a seive and there is by that account a lot of very disillusioned people there.
    • The web reveals almost by the week another sex abuse scandal or financial loss by the wts (by whatever name)
    • The web also reveals a history dotted with failed predictions and destroyed lives (Malawi)
    • There are former Bethel people who now work actively against the wt by revealing more and more frequently (think Barbara and Alexandra James plus so many published books by survivors)
    • There has been the ARC in Australia, an inquiry in the UK into the 'charitable' work of the wt there.
    • Here in Australia the pious reluctance of the wt to sign on to the National Redress Scheme for those abused is starting to glow.
    • Spain and Iceland have put the wt in their sights for usurping the law with 'judicial committees'.
    • The huge class action against wt in Canada is under way.
    • The Russian Federation has all but banned jw .(the gb visited Russia with properties at stake but refused to attend Australia with children at stake)
    • The 'world wide expansion work' is now the world wide reduction work as kh built by volunteer labor and donated funds and some times on donated land are sold off.

    Introvert. good idea!

    Magnum time to look after yourself. Dont be afraid of seeking a counselor.

    Live long and prosper.

    Live long and propser..

  • LongHairGal


    Keep up the good work and do not get discouraged. I know you are working hard playing a game of catch-up because the JW religion misled you along with countless others. But, I would not be surprised if these young people you work with actually admire you! Don’t put yourself down at all.

    Do not think less of yourself because you are older. Hold your head up and be positive..I know it’s hard, but try to not be so consumed with the feeling of injustice. (Put the bleeping religion out of your mind.) Just try to be happy a little each day even about small things.

    Best wishes!

  • smiddy3

    A bloody good thread Magnum ,I became a "Witness" at 20 years of age in 1960 and can relate to what you say.

    However even before that time I think of those who gave up their Life`s dreams and aspirations following C.T.Russell`s writings ,prophecy`s and predictions that never materialized .

    A wasted generation who knows what they may have achieved had they not gave their lives to this cause.

    Then of course was J.F.Rutherford who hoodwinked God knows how many more into beleiving that Millions Now Living Will/May never die . And of course we all now know they already have .

    How many of them put their life on hold gave up their dreams and aspirations ,put off child birth ,career`s only to have none of the promises come to fruition

    Which brings me to my time beginning with the "Witnesses" and publications that I thought had to be inspired by a God Jehovah who I had learnt for the first time was God`s name ( I had never thought of him as having a name ) Books that had an impression on me."Your Will Be Done On Earth" , "Equipped For Every Good Work "

    " Let your Name Be sanctified "

    "Things Which It Is Impossible To Lie " and " Babylon The Great Has Fallen Gods Kingdom Rules " Their was also a booklet that had a profound affect on me during that early period called "Basis For Belief In A New World "

    At least these publications seemed reasonable at the time and backed by the scriptures and world events at the time

    What do they have to base their faith on today ?

    An overlapping generation ?

  • Perry

    Same here. Work out at the gym. Enjoying my family. (The one I started at age 40 after leaving). Planning for retirement. Leaving the subject of "world conditions" in the hands of Christ. Looking forward to starting a wood working hobby this fall on newly acquired acreage property. Made peace with God. Not afraid of death. Will be 55 in two days.

    About to take kids and dog to the dog park. Life is good.

  • ttdtt

    One thing that became clear to me was:

    Why would god - user the term Generation - and then start "the time of the end" SOOOOO early?

    Why would it take over 100 years and counting to do the crap he said would need to happen before the big A?

    No argument for it taking this long holds any water, especially "being a god of love" since every year 1/4 of a million NEW JWs are saved from the system - but about 150 million people are born who WONT be JWs and will need to be killed by the loving god?


    Magnum- Good topic. It is awful that you have had so much wasted time in the ORG, but do not let your heart be sad. You figured it out. You were deceived because you had no choice. You're parents and grandparents were JWs. You were raised in it and never had a shot at truth.

    My brother is like your grandfather, his kids are like your mother and his grandkids are like you. He will [has] bring them up believing that they are more special than everyone else, but will get very upset when confronted with facts about reality. Really? You wont die? Millions living now will never die?

    What to do now is a bigger question. Live a life well lived. Enjoy the wonder of creation and thank God for the obvious things like family, friends, health, mobility and life. Also thank God for the bad things and troubles. How would you know to be thankful for the good things if you didn't have bad things to contrast the good things against? The WTS will go on, but without you....and that's good

    The Truth Will Set You Free


  • Ding

    Amid all the excitement about 1975, what a shock it was to read Russell's declaration that the ongoing Great War in Europe (WW I) was the Armageddon of the Scriptures...

    ... and Rutherford's bold prediction in Millions Now Living Will Never Die that the Jubilee cycles proved that we could "confidently expect" the resurrection of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob to occur in 1925...

    ... and to realize that the GB were making this up as they went along and didn't know what they claimed to know about the future.

    In fact, they didn't know how little they really knew.

    Instead of confessing that they were wrong and asking forgiveness, these "humble brothers" doubled down and forbade JWs to investigate their own history.

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