How many JW´s spend their whole lives being JW´s?

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  • ILoveTTATT2

    Ever since I became an exJW activist... I have wondered, how many people can I hope to reach?

    What are the odds that my parents and loved ones will live out the remainder of their lives as Jehovah´s Witnesses?

    Is there a way to calculate the odds that any JW will remain a JW for the rest of their lives?

    What do you think? About the methods and about the odds?

  • Dreamerdude

    From my experience, it's more likely for an adult convert to stay in until they die, probably over half. Born ins and children indoctrinated from a young age less than 30%. I have no hard data to support it, but that's base on the people I know in the US. Lately I've seen some converts leave within a couple of years once the love bombing stops they wake up to the insanity of being a "mature witness".

  • BluesBrother

    In to the death, no matter what ?

    The majority by far of the settled mature ones. No matter what we may say, it falls on closed ears. They blind themselves to any adverse comments and cannot cope with the idea of being outside...

    Sadly, that is I see. The only way out is in a box.

  • slimboyfat

    Most stay in, but perhaps that’s beginning to change. One of the things that cause people to leave sometimes is if they move to a different city and don’t make friends in the new congregation. Or if they get disfellowshipped and don’t got back. Or they pursue a new interest such as education or a career or business or hobby that requires a lot of time and they become immersed.

    Coming to that, I do know a couple of sisters who refused to go to their assigned congregation. They attended another congregation for a while then became inactive. So I do wonder if there will be an impact from all the KH reorganisation that is going on.

    Plus there is the phenomenon that very elderly JWs tend to disconnect, mainly because JWs are extremely poor at including older people in their community when they stop engaging in the preaching work.

  • Betheliesalot

    The last time I went to an assembly, as I looked at the general condition of the crowd, you will see a lot of old people and an inordinate amount of very large people. Just time alone will eliminate most of this crowd, leaving behind an overlapping generation of people that just seem to fall apart if you question their beliefs.

  • Chook

    The churches might have hell but the WT Corp have Gehenna where the fire never goes out . Fear fear fear.

  • Finkelstein

    Personally I think the older generation are more prone to stay in religions in general .

    The younger generation generally have a broader expanse of education and knowledge than the older generation.

    ......and its no wonder the GBoobs of the WTS are always condemning education.

    The WTS feeds off of fear and ignorance.

  • pepperheart
    But if the watchtower carrys on being so short of money they will do what ever they need to keep warwick going even if that means selling off lots of kingdom halls around the world.and people could have no choice to stop going to a kingdom hall apart from travelling many miles.But the watchtower will become a mostly online cult for 90% of the world
  • blondie

    I think it depends on how much time they have already invested, how many family members are jws, it they have any interest or friends outside and how they react to WTS mistakes....cognitive dissonance plays a large part

  • LongHairGal


    I don’t think there is a rule or a formula to determine who will leave the Witness religion. I always felt a born-in or extreme elderly is more likely to stay but you’d be surprised at who will leave when they have a rude awakening or something happens in their life and they say ‘No More’.


    I was an adult convert who got out almost eighteen years ago.. I was raised Catholic and became a JW as a young adult because I was interested in end-time prophecy.

    I was viewed badly because I had a full time job that I refused to quit to pioneer or appease jealous morons. This bad treatment made it easier for me to plan my ‘fade’ and walk away from the religion when the time was right.

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