New "Annointed" Brother In My Old Hall...

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  • pimojw

    i pointed out in another post that some days i feel like i should take the emblems (other days my faith is gone entirely and i would say im agnostic).

    i just wanted to point out that not all who take the emblems have mental or emotional problems. of course some are but not all! quite a few just have their own private view (of course they cant go round saying it or will be dfd) that all christians should take the emblems. they are not in a separate higher category. they simply want to obey jesus and see no scriptural reason not to take them.

    it may be that some take them privately after the memorial so as not to make a scene (i considered it this year but chickened out), so those who do so openly may by definition have some form of mental problem as they are willing be seen as crazy by others and dont care!

    i think the day will come that the society will change the thought on taking the emblems. they wont get rid of the earthly group immediately, as that is too big a change, but they will say all are one flock, all are in the new covenant and all should take the emblems. the dubs will love this, and completely forget that for decades they have been refusing jesus' blood each year!

  • snugglebunny

    We had one of those turn up too. All the warning signs were there. Back in the day, us pios would make a living selling from door to door a gadget called an Allgrip. It was a muli-purpose handle into which could be inserted a paint brush or duster or sponge,,you get the picture. A bro in Southampton turned them out and charged us 10 shillings - 50 pence - each for them. We would sell them for a pound, doubling our money. This new guy however, on his first outing with us as we sold from door to door, reckoned we were making too much money and so sold his Allgrips for 15 shillings - 75 pence - each, thereby making half the profit that we did and lectured us on our money grabbing habits, although as I recall was unwilling to pay his share of our petrol expenses. So we dumped him after 1 week.

    You've guessed it - within a year he had decided he was of the annointed. I always knew he was a pratt.

  • steve2

    It's a sad reflection on JW organization that an individual's wanting (for whatever reason) to partake of the "bread and wine" has become tainted by all sorts of hushed judgements and innuendos (including "honors") whereas in most other religions such partaking is standard practice, if not ho-hum.

    Shows how the interpretation of Holy Words has an incredibly powerful influence on how people perceive even quite ordinary behaviours.

    I can still be astonished over how "big" an issue memorial partaking has become in this small-minded religious group.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    @snugglebunny--youre giving your age away! ten bob !

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