Witnessing to Witnesses: Flawed Doctrine or WT Misdeeds?

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  • imallgrowedup

    Which? When we witness to witnesses, what is the most important thing we should talk to them about first - flawed doctrine, or Watchtower misdeeds such as the UN, child molestation, etc.? What's your game plan, or what worked on you?

    Inquiring Minds Want to Know!


  • willyloman

    Start with, "Love is the identifying mark of the true religion." That's where the dubs fall short, and most JW's have anecdotal evidence that there's a big gap between the claims made by the WTS about abundant love and the reality in the vast majority of congregations.

    In my experience, most people don't really care that much about doctrine (much of which they don't really understand), and accounts of "WT Misdeeds" are viewed with suspicion or outright disbelief.

    But in every congregation there are a bunch of people who have doubts, misgivings, or nagging feelings that something just isn't right. And they all have stories they can tell, if they will, in support of these feelings.

    Of course, getting people to open up about this is very difficult... unless they WANT to. They have to be ready. If you get there early, you're doomed to failure.

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    been there, done that.

    You cannot witness to a Jehovahs Witness. No matter what you say, or how well you have researched it and no matter how well you articulate your argument or what evidence you present; YOU will always be wrong and THEY will always be right. '

    I was one of them and know how they are taught and think ( as do many here). These people really believe that the "Only True God" is in their pocket, there can be no way but the one they are professing.

    good luck, Frank

  • Rick Aust
    Rick Aust

    Flawed doctrines did it for me. If a JW does something wrong, it is allways explained away by saying that we are "imperfect", and that we must "put up with each other in Love". Even if doctrines are changing, again its the light "getting brighter" and all that BS.

    But it was the foundation of 1914 and the pyramids that opened my eyes and made me see everything from a new angle, and how marvelous I feel since then. I saw 1 cor4:4 from a new direction. But I do understand that yuo mean, i haven't being able to tell someone successfully yet, if I came stright out with it , then I get DFed as an apostate.

    regards rick

  • ColdRedRain

    Point out contradictions in their legalistic rules and how they can be biblically contradictiary.

    For example, the whole "We're still married in the eyes of the lord." doctrine. That's a good start. Then there's the question of "Would those that disobeyed the society about (Insert doctrinal gaffe here.) be disobeying 'Jehovah', even though according to the WT, the disobedient one was always right?

    Then show how contradictionary the legalism is with Christs' message of a less legalistic way to god, and you have them thinking. When they start thinking, then lay on the heavy hitters, like the UN and child molestation. Why? Because witnesses sometimes go through these stages when they're getting out.

    1. The society is wrong, but they're the closest thing to the truth!

    2. A godlike organization shouldn't be so legalistic, but I'll stick with them because I have family in.

    At this stage, if the family finds out about the doubts, they go through these stages

    3. Maybe they don't have the truth, but they have good things about them.

    4. Ok, they're legalistic, but they're still following god.

    5. They're not following god, because he wouldn't like that to go on in his congregation.

    You lay the heavy hitters around stage 5.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Not to be difficult, but so much depends on

    the person

    the time

    and the place

    this is an axiom recognized by many esoteric schools.

    To be effective, you have to aproach the student in the way that is right for him.

    "Different strokes for diff'rent folks,

    and so on, and so on, and scooby-doo-bee-do...

    I - - - - - am everyday people"

  • bebu

    I think doctrine takes quite a bit longer. The WT has done itself so much harm in the scandals it has been involved in--EVERY misdeed is directly related to a doctrine anyway! So, you would do better to show how these misdeeds prove that they are hypocrits to their own doctrine, and for that they are to be rejected.

    Whatever you choose, you have to lay a good foundation first.

    If you want to establish that they have been deceitful, you need to help them make commitments on their position ahead of time. And you have to be SURE that you are talking with someone who is going to really listen to you!! Otherwise, you may be wasting your breath. Make sure the relationship is right.

    Ask, or remind, them of the WT position. Help them to get very adamant about the rightness or wrongness of a particular set of actions: associating with the UN, or donating blood, or military service, etc. Ask about the details that they would wish they had been able to keep open for escape. ("Can you think of any reason which would be acceptable for associating with the UN? ... What about perks or privileges that help further the work of Jehovah?... etc.") Then "turn on the light" for them. Pray they see!!


  • dustyb

    as somebody brought up earlier, "There are none as deaf as those that do not want to hear and none as blind as the ones that do not want to see".

    but personally, if you feel its your deed to witness to them, and they'll listen, stay off of doctrine because most JW doctrine is man made and they can change it however they please.

  • jgnat

    My daughter successfully encouraged a girl out of the witnesses when they were both teens. My girl did her research, studied up on John 1:1, the trinity, the nature of Jesus, etc. etc.

    I told her, "Just love the girl."

    Guess which worked? All it took was one visit to our church youth group, and the girl jumped ship.

  • logansrun

    Focus on the flaws in the Bible itself and everything else is irrelevant.


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