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  • humblepotato

    It's just replacing the old KH Donate which was a third party company. With KH Donate you could electronically transfer money to your local congregations bank account and KH Donate would take a 3.6% transaction fee. For now, Watchtower is doing the same thing that KH Donate was doing but not charging a transaction fee... but like I said... for now.

    For a lot of people in our congregation they donate the same amount every month, once a month, with a check. Some are actually happy about it because they have no other reason to carry checks with them. Everything is online, credit or debit card.

  • Xanthippe

    What about unforeseen situations when unexpected bills come in. Surely they should be taken into account before religious donating. Especially in the US with no NHS. Surely your health comes first. Or not! Why stay healthy, there's always the resurrection.

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  • stuckinarut2


    I guess I shouldn't be surprised...but...WOW!

    (Great quotes too FedUpJW . Thanks for posting)

  • Spiral

    humblepotato, I have never heard of KH Donate. Sounds..... odd. But should I be surprised, no.

    I still think they are trying to work their way over to tithing. (Or rather, now they are there.) Wondering if it was brought up in this weekend's two day assembly, which, of course, I did not attend.

    mann377, I also wonder if they are pushing/requiring ALL publishers to register and have a login (and therefore, store a credit card number). I really really really don't know how 90% of the pubs here in my Mom's congregation could do that, it is such a poor congregation.

    Should I be asked on behalf of myself and my mother, the answer will be h*ll no. Thanks for the heads up.

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