Locking the doors durring the meetings

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  • Elsewhere

    Have you ever attented meetings at a KH where they locked the doors once the meeting began? I've attended a few in my life.

    If you're late you have to knock on the door and be recognized through the peep-hole before they will unlock the door.

    They usually joke that it's like Noah's Ark... once the doors close you're screwed.

    Yup... by their fruits you will know them.

  • pr_capone

    Yeah.... the last hall I went to did that. They said it was to keep the looney people out.... to bad they were all already inside before they locked the doors, eh? :D

    It wasnt a problem for me though... I had (and still do somewhere) the key.

    Kansas District Overbeer

  • blondie

    There have been several KHs that have been robbed in some neighborhoods. I can see why they lock the doors (and have a fence and locked gate around the parking lot and patrols). I wonder how that works with the fire code though. The side doors are locked from the outside.

    It does make me think of "koolaid" though.


  • maxwell

    No never myself, but my wife who is still a JW goes to a KH where they lock the doors during meetings. When I was attendant, we used to do a parking lot walk. Car theft was a concern.

    I know some congregations in Memphis, TN where I grew up had high fences surrounding the whole property and the gates were locked when meetings were not going on. I suppose they had vandals come through at times, because no money is ever left at the KH, or at least it is not supposed to be left there. Maybe someone could come in after the sound equipment. My grandmother and cousins attended an inner city congregation in Memphis. They told me that one day some one walked into the hall, walked onto the stage sat down in a chair on the stage, and started absentmindely saying "Asaloma naka my brother" for everyone to hear. I don't know the correct spelling (or even the correct pronunciation), but if you're familiar with that Muslim greeting you know what I mean. He wasn't dangerous, but he did have to be removed. There are legitimate safety concerns at times.

  • Elsewhere

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  • logansrun

    A congregation I attended in a very safe, middle-class neighborhood did this. Weird.

    Do other churches lock their doors during the services?


  • blondie
    Do other churches lock their doors during the services?

    I remember a Baptist lady at work telling me they locked the doors until they got enough in the offering basket.

    Oy, ve.


  • Billygoat

    I've never heard of KH locking the doors. Never heard of a church doing that either. There must be some kind of fire code violation there. Oh wait. Caesars laws only apply when it suits them.

  • jgnat

    The KH here in town lock their doors. But then Edmonton had the samurai-weilding robber (first robbery of it's kind in Canada). No firecode violations, as all doors have the panic bar if people have to exit quickly.

    I have never gone to a church that locked their doors DURING SERVICE. The ushers keep an eye on things, though.

  • Stephanus
    Damn... I can't post anymore threads... but I really really really want to post this... so I'm putting it here!

    You're lying, Elsewhere! Someone who looked just like you posted the very same thing elsewhere on the board.

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