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  • pudd

    I would like to thank all who have replied to my quesstion about hitting back at woman.

    I would like to ask a further question about this situation. some have surgested that my friends girlfriend acted in self defense when she slapped him because he was pinning her in a corner and yelling.

    HE believed that he was justified in his reaction as she had been "emotionaly abusive" (nagging, belittling, etc) then when he wanted to "have his say" she walked away. pinning her in was the only way he could make her listen.

    does this change your verdict of "self defence"?

  • Elsewhere

    It sounds like they are utterly unhappy with each other. I think its time for them to part ways.

    Then again... they may deserve each other.

  • stillajwexelder

    No - Hitting women is wrong - I do not like violence against women -I enjoy porn but will not watch if it is brutal against a women or sadsim etc

  • pudd

    eleswhere; I thing you are probably right. they are currently seperated.

  • Maverick

    I didn't read the other thread! I find the very thought of doing injury to a woman or child totally unsettling and repulsive. I would no more hit or harm a woman than I would intentionally damage one of my many works of art! Why would any sane man do this? It is beyond me! Walk away. If she will not what? If she hits away! There is no shame in this! There is never an excuse to put any non-criminal woman at risk. Keep your hands to yourself, never restrain or confine or force yourself on any woman. No exceptions!

    I'm no whimp, been shot and stabbed, been beat up for being a little white guy! And I've held men at gun point and would have shot them if they got stupid. But this hitting women...makes me weak in the knees! Maverick

  • onintwo

    This is what I've learned:

    (1) Hitting a woman is out of bounds for me. I couldn't do it. The few punches I've thrown in my life were designed to do the maximum damage to the target person. And I think I would instinctively react in that way if I ever was suitably provoked. So over the years I've just never allowed myself to consider it as an option.

    (2) Where I live, words are not considered sufficient provocation to justify any type of violence. So you'll pretty much go to jail, pay to take anger management classes, and pay lots of fines. Not worth it. Don't let anyone bait you.

    (3) Any type of violence that is initiated by one person against another can only be returned with the same level of violent behavior. Slap for slap, shove for shove, etc. If you're the one who escalates the violence, at that moment you become the aggressor.

    For what it's worth...


  • Nosferatu
    HE believed that he was justified in his reaction as she had been "emotionaly abusive" (nagging, belittling, etc) then when he wanted to "have his say" she walked away. pinning her in was the only way he could make her listen.

    I never responded to this issue in the first thread. Women respond incredibly well to body language and actions. Women are excellent examples when it comes to "actions speak louder than words". It seems as if she was responding more to his actions rather than his words. She was put in a threatening situation and responded to that, rather than to what he was saying.

    Unfortunately, there are very few men who know this and believe that women's minds work the exact same as a man's.

  • pudd

    thank you Nos.

    very insightful! i am not sure if this was the case here, but could well have been. good point

  • Gadget

    The impression I got from the other thread was that during an argument the woman had thrown the first punch and used violence first. This is different, if the man used his superior strength to pin her in a corner then he used violence to do so, and so if violence was used against anybody they are justified in taking appropriate steps to defend themselves. They need to learn how to communicate without him bursting into violence if he doesn't get his own way, that is totally out of order for him to do that.

    Then again... they may deserve each other.

    I don't think anybody deserves to be treated in that way.

  • gumby
    pinning her in was the only way he could make her listen.

    Not good.

    This is like a 5'10" man, having a Green Bay Packer linebacker, walking at you, and cornering you, and yelling in your face to listen to him.How would you feel? Would that be a threat to you?

    I'll say one thing......I wouldn't slap the linebacker, so this little gal had some balls ( equivalent to ovaries), in standing up to a dude. If she would have knocked him on his ass, he might have approached it different a second time around.


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