What was your favourite topic when preaching door to door?

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  • Brummie
    Revelation 21 vs 4 - -And God will wipe out every tear from thier eye and death will be no more, neither mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore, the former things have passed away

    Yep that was mine too, plus highlighting all the world problems to make the point that Rev 21 was somethng to look forward too. Oh and then there was the debils religion and I used to love arguing against that (trinity, etc) Brummie

  • minimus

    I always started with the bad news first and then I'd tell them I had good news for them that would change their life.

  • Panda

    WOW I don't remember ... phew , thanks for bringing it up because now I know that some of the brainwashing is gone...yippee

  • blondie

    In religious areas:

    What program does your church find successful in reaching young people with Christ's message?

    In not so religious areas:

    If you could change one thing on the earth, what would it be?

    Blondie (viewpoint questions work best, no right or wrong answer)

  • xjw_b12

    Quantum Physics and Propagation of a non-minimal wavepacket....... usually

  • shotgun

    XJW I'm rather partial to Pizza pockets are they similar.

    a non-minimal wavepacket

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