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  • Sirona

    This is on the Watchtower's website. There seems to be a lot more articles aimed at Africa and other places where this advice might be useful, but do they honestly give this sort of stuff out in US and UK?

    Three Ways a Woman Can Improve Her Lot

    Education. ....

    Naturally, the literate mother stimulates the learning process in her children?no mean feat. The education of girls is an excellent investment. Nothing else has such power to improve family health and to improve the lives of women themselves, notes the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) publication The State of the World's Children 1991. No doubt about it, reading and writing skills will help you to be a better mother and provider.*

    Health. As a mother, you need to look after yourself, especially if you are pregnant or nursing. Can you improve your diet? Nearly two thirds of pregnant women in Africa as well as in southern and western Asia are clinically anemic. Apart from sapping your energy, anemia increases the risks associated with childbirth and makes a malarial attack more likely. Although meat or fish may be scarce or expensive, eggs and iron-rich fruits or vegetables might be available. Don't allow superstition to stop you from eating nutritious foods, and don't let local customs rob you of your share of the family's food.#

    Breast-feeding is good for you as well as for your child. Breast milk is cheaper, more hygienic, and more nourishing than any substitute. UNICEF calculates that a million child deaths each year could be avoided if mothers were to breast-feed babies for the first four to six months of their lives. Of course, if the mother has a contagious disease that is known to be passed on through breast milk, then a safe feeding alternative should be used.

    Make sure that there is proper ventilation if you cook inside your home on an open fire. "Exposure to the smoke and toxic gases of cooking is probably the most serious occupational health hazard known today," cautions the book Women and Health.

    Do not smoke tobacco, whatever the pressures. Pervasive cigarette advertising in the developing world is targeting women, trying to convince them that smoking is sophisticated. Nothing could be further from the truth. Smoking harms your children and can kill you. It is calculated that eventually a quarter of all smokers are killed by their tobacco addiction. Moreover, experts warn that the chances of a first-time cigarette smoker becoming addicted to tobacco are extremely high.

    Hygiene. Your example and your advice regarding hygiene are crucial to the health of your family. The publication Facts for Life outlines the following basic steps for good hygiene:

    • Wash your hands with soap and water after any contact with excrement and before handling food. Make sure your children wash their hands before eating.
    • Use a latrine, and keep it clean and covered. If this is not possible, defecate as far away from your house as possible, and bury the excrement immediately.?Compare Deuteronomy 23:12, 13.
    • Endeavor to use clean water for your household. To this end, keep wells covered and use clean utensils for carrying water.
    • If you have no access to safe drinking water, boil the water and then allow it to cool before drinking. Although unboiled water may look clean, it can still be contaminated.
    • Remember that uncooked food is much more likely to transmit an infection. Foods that are to be eaten raw should be washed before eating and then consumed as soon as possible. Other foods should be cooked thoroughly, especially meat and poultry.
    • Keep food clean and covered so that insects or animals cannot contaminate it.
    • Burn or bury domestic waste.%

    * Jehovah's Witnesses organize free literacy classes as part of their extensive program of Bible education.

    # In some lands, superstition holds that women should not eat fish, eggs, or chicken during pregnancy, for fear of harming the unborn child. Sometimes custom requires the woman to eat what is left over, once the men and boys have finished eating.

    % See Awake! of April 8, 1995, pages 6-11, for more details.

  • cruzanheart

    They're really aiming at the Third World with this one, aren't they? And isn't that a nice, ambiguous, kinda-white-maybe-a-little-bit-Hispanic-but-certainly-not-African picture they have of the dutiful wife and children? I guess the husband (if there is one) is out doing manly things like earning a living while the wife is at home washing her hands. In a dress. Excuse me while I go throw up and then bury it.


  • Elsewhere
    They're really aiming at the Third World with this one, aren't they?

    I was thinking the same thing... then it occurred to me the stupidity of the WTS: They are posting information for poverty stricken people in third-world countries... on the INTERNET.

  • shotgun

    You can tell they've lost Jehovahs direction..where is rule number #4... Keep a loaded Shotgun next to the bed.....hiccup

  • LyinEyes
  • sf

    And WT STILL gets away with producing this crap in mass print. Insanity.

    Smoking harms your children and can kill you.


    Each day they are slowly dying off...inside and out.

    Like they even give a damn about YOUR CHILDREN.

    Krap here. Pure krap!


  • stillajwexelder

    Three Ways a Woman Can Improve Her Lot

    Education. .... when will the WTBTS get some consistency

    PRECISELY -- BUT they also do not approve of going to college etc -- God this crap pisses me off -- zero consistency

  • Sirona

    What struck me most about this article is that they cannot have a separate version of the mag for countries such as Africa, because they have to maintain "unity" - but clearly its nearly impossible for this to be applied to Western families.

    I wondered if this was actually in a magazine, or just on the net....


  • InquiryMan

    All articles publshed on the web-site, have been published in the magazines. There is a foot-note or something similar referring to the time when it was published the first time. It seems that virtually all articles (whether they target that language-group or not) is published in all editions of Awake (of course a selection is made in languages with 24-pages and monthly editions).

  • Gopher


    No doubt about it, reading and writing skills will help you to be a better mother and provider

    They're not talking higher education here. They're talking "reading and writing", so that you can read their literature and perhaps write to others about it.

    "Reading and writing skills" will help you be a better publisher for their ministry.

    What about THINKING skills, which you can also get from education, particularly higher education? They don't want you getting those! THINKING skills don't make you a more loyal JW.

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