Old Memories -- Feelings I'd Forgotten

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I too was a child that moved a lot - like Andi 18 times by the time I was 18. It was really hard especially since I never felt like I belonged anywhere.

    My move from English Toronto to French Montreal was the hardest - culture shock and language barrier all at once on top of all the other issues I was dealing with. I didn't do well at all.

    If she has supportive loving parents she will do OK. Since she has a Japanese father she will be attuned to some of the culture already so that will make it a lot easier on her too.

    Perhpas getting books from the library for Jennie and her friend to go through; or finding some recipes they or you could make, or traditional artwork. Little things that help to make the unknown more familiar. Maybe even learning a few words in Japanese would be fun and encouraging.

    As for you Nina - yes the old memories get triggered. Think of what would have helped you back then and do it now for yourself.


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