Uplifting music

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  • azaria
    Die Moldau by Smetana Symphone #9 (The New World) by Dvorack(sp)

    For Uplifting music:Totally agree. I'll add Beethovens #9 to that. There is so much. These are just a few that I think of at the moment but they're more happy, good mood music. Under the Boardwalk-Drifters, Oh Happy Day-Edwin Hawkins, Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl. What about depressing music? Van Morrison-I believe to my soul. E Lucevan ie stelle (Tosca) by Puccini sung by Placido Domingo At the moment I'm listening to Marc Antoine-Urban Gypsy-feel good music.

  • Sargon

    Uplifting: Mozart's Eine Kleine Nachtmuzik

  • Jade

    I just bought the newest CD from Chris Botti. He is a great trumpet player. He is the opening act for Sting and he was fantastic. Here is the web site: http://www.chrisbotti.com

  • Mulan

    I love Josh Groban. His "You Lift Me Up" is just that..............uplifting. I love it.

  • Satanus

    Govi - sails of joy

    Mike oldfield - cochise, santa maria, doge's palace

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