I had a chance to share some of the truth about the lie with my sister!

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  • Sentinel

    The joy you must be feeling now, with your sister being open to discussion, must be wonderful. We know this is rather major. But you know, "feelings" are all so relative. I remember the great wonder of it all when I was a faithful JW. No one could sway me; I simply would not put myself into that position. I was "strong". But I discovered for myself that I was on the wrong path.

    Only one person that I can remember attempted to sway me. He had the Crisis of Conscience book and had read it himself. The congregation was actually publicly warning us to stay away from him. He was a very nice person, and he was the husband of my sitter at the time. I was so terrified, that I wouldn't even "touch" the book. Of course, since then, I secretly got it from the library on two occasions to read prior to making my decision to walk away. Just a couple years ago, I read it again.

    I know you don't want to take away your sister's joy and happiness. The most important thing is that you show love and compassion. If she sees for herself that you are happy with your choices, then she may begin to ask more questions. I have found personally, that it is best not to attack the belief system of another person. That is such a fragile thing. If they have doubts and questions, they just need to feel comfortable expressing themselves. As we know, the borg frowns on self-expression, unless it is their own repeated dogmatic views.

    Remember, you cannot change another person. But, sometimes, when you let go, they want to grab hold of you and hold on. It's amazing how situations work out.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    Thanks, everybody, for your comments, support, and input! I appreciate it very much!

    And I will take it easy, and just let her find out on her own, now that I know she has already had some lingering questions.

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    Go ahead ascot....its a free for all on the forum.

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Hey folks, just a brief update, nothing exciting....

    Sister is back home, back in the groove; and she sent me several packages as she promised - sent me an extra copy of the Watchtower 99 CD for research, and some specific mags and the God's Name brochure and the Draw Close book. She hopes they will help me. Sigh.

    Anyway, she's very sweet, I really like her, in fact more than ever.

    But apparently I am an incredibly good actress, because she does not seem to perceive at all how I really view the Society or their teachings, or the thought of going back to the meetings. She said "You never actually said why you haven't been going to meetings, but you did mention once that something we were talking about wasn't why you weren't going to meetings." So that made her realize, after thinking about that statement, that there was a specific reason that I was not attending, and it wasn't just laziness or being too busy. Sheese!

    She sent me some KM info on the spiritually weakening effects of over-use of computers. LOL

    Oh well, I may not have helped her at all, but at least they aren't shunning me yet!

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