I had a chance to share some of the truth about the lie with my sister!

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  • seeitallclearlynow

    You may remember I had started a thread about those of you who had been pioneers before discovering the truth about the Watchtower.

    I was concerned about helping my 25-year pioneer sister to see the true light, as it were.

    Well, she's been visiting for about a week and a half, and I finally got to talk to her about a few things....

    She didn't know we didn't use to be allowed to get vaccinations. So she's going to look that up. That came up because she has been so confused and concerned about the blood policy changes, and couldn't fill out her DPA all these years! So she made a special visit to a member of the Hospital Liaison Committee out here for some insider info.

    We talked about the former "cannibalism" position on organ transplants. She didn't know when it changed, but mentioned that a number of long-time Witnesses still believe that is the position. She's going to look it up....

    She had already questioned the use of the name Jehovah in the New Testament (Christian Greek Scriptures) and had researched it, but is going to look further into it again because she didn't know that none of the 1000's of existing manuscripts have the tetragrammaton even once in the NT, other than the shortened form found 4 times in Revelation only, as part of Hallelujah. She agreed that the WT explanation about "replacing Jehovah's name in the NT only where it was a direct quote from the Hebrew Scriptures" was not true 237 times....

    We talked about how the Society knew that the time for the selection of the 144,000 was completed in the 1930's - since they're all so very old now, and how many more replacement anointed are we to expect? She knows of no scriptural reason for them to have been all sealed by 1935. So she feels Jehovah just "made them sense it." She acknowledged on her own that some anointed are supposed to still be alive on earth after Armageddon, and sees the problem since the generation teaching has been newlighted and is now vague as to timing, and the anointed's days are running out fast....

    She brought up on her own that the Watchtower recently hinted, but couldn't say outright, that our day is like Noah's, and he was told it would be 120 years till the end...so while the Society is now being careful about naming dates, she believes 2034 just might be the end date, and Jehovah just may give us a date for the end like he did Noah, but He hasn't told us yet. I asked about her take on 1975; she said she had really believed it was going to be the end, but was very glad it wasn't. She doesn't get it. I mentioned 1914, 1925 "in passing," but she didn't bite.

    I couldn't "innocently" bring up the U.N. or pedophile issues or I would have.

    I mentioned the legalism, but didn't get to elaborate.

    Thanks for letting me share this exciting event with all of you. I'll keep you posted on developments.

  • MonkeyPrincess

    wow seeitall, that is very exciting. even though you didnt get a chance to bring up everything, you at least got to plant the seed, now she will go looking and find it out the rest for herself. thanks for sharing, it gives me hope that i will get my sisters out too somehow. keep us updated, ok..


  • CyrusThePersian


    Your sister sounds like so many witnesses I've talked to; On the outside, They are solid in the truth, but on inside, they are full of questions they dare not ask, and doubts they dare not reveal. So sad that they can't express themselves fully to one another, but within the Gestapo-like borg they cannot or they will get it with both barrels. That's why they open up ( ever so slightly ) to people like us who know the borg, but are no longer associated. I hope you and your sister continue to chat and you keep plannting those seeds of truth!


  • shotgun

    You have done well seeitallclearly,,the force is with you.

    If she looks up all that you mentioned it should make things interesting.

    Another topic you might want to bring up is conscience matters...If the WT changes a stance on something and says it's a conscience matter according to the scriptures and the scriptures are thousands of years old was it not always a conscience matter and certainly not new light from Jehovah.

    Organ transplants 1967 bad....1980 ok

    Alternative Military service 1930's bad.....1996 ok...think of all the lost years of that all important preaching work which were spent wasted behind prison walls...etc

  • cruzanheart

    Oh, good for you!!!! Hey, I read a while back (in the early 1960's, or late 1950's) that artificial insemination (and hence in vitro fertilization) was really adultery and the participants would be disfellowshipped. Funny how that hasn't come up in a while . . .


  • Sassy

    That is great.. I think the key is if someone is subtle when talked to, because then they don't have their brainwashed guard up and run. You did a good job...

  • acsot

    Very good news! At the very least, your sister knows she has someone to talk to, who won't hand her over to the Watchtower secret police for having sincere, normal questions. Don't put too much on her, let her mull over this for awhile. The cognitive dissonance is bound to gnaw at her, and you can be there for her when she has to talk about it more.

    Another topic you might want to bring up is conscience matters...If the WT changes a stance on something and says it's a conscience matter according to the scriptures and the scriptures are thousands of years old was it not always a conscience matter and certainly not new light from Jehovah.

    Shotgun: that's a really good point, can I plagiarize it for future use?

  • stillajwexelder

    excellent -- little by little we chip away

  • Sneaky Russian
    Sneaky Russian


    Thats good news that she has it inside her to question the Watchtower Society. Never give up hope.

    I have known people who were Ministerial Servants, I would have never thought that one day they would ask questions about the Society and be away from it now. These people gave the Watchtower many years of service, but now they have sen the light.

    Keep the faith, one day she will return to you.

  • imallgrowedup


    Wow! This is great news! One of the things you said really struck me, and that was:

    Well, she's been visiting for about a week and a half

    As innocuous as that may seem, I think this is a key - I've seen many on the board post about getting an active jw away from the constant drilling between meetings, book studies, WT studies, and the service - to clear their minds a bit. It seems to have helped pave the way for you! (Yippee!)

    It seems like you handled the whole thing well - she would have shut you down after Point #1 if it was too much for her, or if she thought you were attacking her religion. The fact that you got a bunch of points in there says a lot about you! Good job!

    Please keep us posted on how this all turns out! I know that I am not the only one who loves to hear these stories!


    P.S. Welcome to Cyrus, MonkeyPrincess and Sneaky Russian!

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