Hoping The Meeting is Cancelled

by roybatty 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • roybatty
    I loved stealing that time. It felt so relaxing to blow off the meeting and sit in the comfort of my living room with the fire going.

    Isn't a fireplace in the living room the best? Something about coming home after driving in the fridged cold, starting a fire, kicking back on the couch and relaaaaaxing, just watching the flames dance. Aaaaa....

  • Big Shooter
    Big Shooter

    It's hilarious reading this post... yet its so true

  • Surfacing

    I remember all the kids in my hall being so happy and excited when the speaker didn't show up and we started with the Watchtower! Then he would come in late and you'd hear a collective sigh because the meeting order was just reversed... no getting out early today kids!
    In one hall we a had super keen elder who simply would NOT allow for there to be no public talk. He'd just go up there and wing it... it was actually usually funny because it was so incoherent and incohesive. The same guy would try to get everyone to trudge to the meeting in snowshoes during a snowstorm rather than "gasp" cancel a meeting.

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