A sincere question about prayer for any kinds of Christians out there...

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  • somebodylovesme

    Thank you for your answers. I appreciate it a lot.

    I just have one more questions (I'm really not trying to be rude or accusatory, just curious)... if God is looking at the big picture, what on earth could be the benefit of having millions of people dying absolutely needlessly from starvation? That's not really a fair question, I know, but I can't for the life of figure out how religions justify such absolute horror.

    Sorry if I ramble or seem like I can't be satisfied... some things just don't make sense to me, even after such kind explanations.


  • Yerusalyim
    what on earth could be the benefit of having millions of people dying absolutely needlessly from starvation?

    You blame God for something that is humanities responsibility. We could easily feed all the hungry...but greed gets in the way of that...Free will is a bitch.

  • jgnat

    Here is a prayer from a starving young man, quoted in Rain of Gold by Victor Villasenor. Juan is Victor's father.

    ?No one on earth have ever gone to church to see You more than my dear mother!? he bellowed. ?All through this war, she always made plenty of time for You! It?s not right what You?ve allowed to happen to us! She was begging in the street, God! Begging! Don?t You Understand? There, in front of Our very own church, begging! AND I?M MAD AT YOU, GOD!?

    Screaming these last words, Juan stopped dead, looking up toward the heavens, feeling sure that he was going to be struck down by lightning. He swallowed. He thought of his mother. He saw the cannons firing in the distance. But the skies didn?t open and strike him dead and yet he could see very clearly that he truly did mean what he had said. He was, indeed, mad at God.

    ?God!? he shouted. ?Look at that war going on, look at what we?ve been through! I can?t wait for You anymore! You?ve had Your chance to help us again and again and You?ve failed! Do You hear me, You failed!? Saying this, Juan looked up at the moon and the stars again, feeling so scared and nervous and yet, wonderfully happy. He knew that what he was doing was wrong, was going against everything he?d ever been taught by the Holy Catholic church, but he was being truthful, too.

    A coyote called in the distance and the moon went behind a cloud. The night grew dark and cold.

    ?God,? he said, continuing his talk with the Almighty, ?my mother, she was Your closest friend, and You abandoned her and so...? He stopped. He swallowed. ?I am sorry to say this, but if I have to kill and steal ... I will. My mother will never beg again!?

    And there Juan Salvador held, staring up at the heavens full of stars and moonlight and exploding cannons in the distance, but no lightning came and the earth didn?t part and swallow him, either. He wiped the sweat from his face and, strangely enough, instead of feeling abandoned by God, he felt closer to Him. He felt as if a great burden had just been taken off him; as if this was the first in a long time he had truly spoken to God and told him what he really thought.

    He took another deep breath and looked at the pile of wood he?d gathered. Then, he saw it so clearly; there it was, the problem. ?Why, this bundle of wood is too big,? he said. ?These are heavy, hard roots. Not even a burro could carry this load.?

    He spat in his hands and went to work, taking off half the wood from the pile. The wood, he could now see, was a lot heavier than even the oak wood they had back home. He tied together only as much as he knew he could carry. ...

  • somebodylovesme

    Of course humans have done it. I guess right there, right smack dab there, is my qualm with religion. If God's so great, then why is he useless?

    ugh I really do apologize if this is coming across as combative. Not the intention. Just such a crazy topic to me - and look, I started it!

  • jgnat

    That is my big puzzle, somebodylovesme. If God is all-loving, all-knowing and all-powerful, why did He shackle Himself with an unbreakable principle - He will not interfere with free will? Maybe because free will is very important - without it we would be no better than robots? I imagine He weeps over the cruelties man inflicts on man, or even worse, bullies inflict on innocents. I hope there is ultimate justice to make those right.

    Once, I prayed daily to be removed from an oppressive job I hated. I was there for two years. There must have been a great debt of unanswered prayers building up. I finally realized I could not wait for rescue. I took some advancement courses, built my self-esteem, and interviewed my way out of that place. God taught me to fend for myself. I am no longer a doormat.

    For years afterwards, I puzzled over all the things that were wrong about that place and how I could have made a difference. I imagined myself a consultant or a supervisor, coming in, and really shaking that place up. Ironically, I have come full circle and I am now involved again with this office. But not as a consultant or a supervisor, but as overseeing manager. I am now in a position to make things right. Coincidence, or overburden of years of heartfelt prayer? Who knows?

  • mouthy

    I am a Christian. I love the LORD Jesus. But to answer your question>???? I havent got a clue.... My daughter Melanie was prayed for by friends all over the world, by all at PA,Conventions, all at BRCI conventions Churches !!-Australia, England, U.S.A Besides many,many more lands... Yet she died. I quarreled with GOd when she went!!!But I have to say now!!!! If she was alive now! I think she would be suffering alot, she had( I have) three wonderful kids,( my grandkids now )twins of 17 a boy of 20)but I have cried alot since she has been gone because of some of the things they have gotten into- I dont know if she could have taken it- she always thought they were angels,( believe me I adore them but angels they"aint". ) So I have to believe God knows long before hand what we can take & what we cant...Never allows us to be tempted beyond what we can bear. He warned us that it rained on the rightous & the unrightous he has no favorites, & anyway this is just the "school" of learning we have a better "HOME "In the futture.no pain,no tears, no suffering.....I do believe that. I still pray!!! & tonight !! this very night!!A Prayer I have been pleading for the last 4 years is answered!!!My Granddaughter ( one of the twins) just came to visit to tell me she is going to counselling, to handle the death of her MUM. Yep she takes dope!They >>>all three of them tell me all the problems they have gotten into -My grandson went to reform school for three months for drug pushing...I have been with them through it all.Begged them to get counselling-but they felt they could handle it all on their own.Sorry for the long post. May not make sense to anyone but I like to think God is in control. Anyway every morning noon & night I place my troubles at the foot of the cross. & leave them for HIM to handle call me a fanatic- !!!yes maybe but I find it gives me peace when I do

  • donkey

    Please Lord send me lots of money...

  • Navigator

    Joel Goldsmith, the Christian Mystic, says that it is a waste of breath to ask God for anything since God isn't withholding anything. The only prayer that God always answers is the prayer for God to reveal Himself/Herself. Jesus told us specifically NOT to pray for things and that would even include health. Instead, we should pray that our eyes be opened to that which we have already received. However, if one reaches out for healing to someone who has a consciousness of health, the very act of reaching out opens the door to the healing that was already present. Consider the woman who reached out and touched the hem of Jesus's garment. Who healed her? In a sense, she healed herself. More and more is being learned about the mind/body connection. The medical community refers to the practice of techniques using mind/body connection as PsychoNeuro Immunology. Christian Scientists have been using these techiques for years, but frequently attempt to demonstrate beyond their consciousness and get a bad result. They sometimes spend a lot of time treating a headache when taking an asprin would be more effective. The human body has been demonstrated to be a miraculous pharmaceutical factory whose power can sometimes be unleashed by meditation and other mind/body techniques.

  • Yerusalyim
    If God's so great, then why is he useless?

    God isn't useless, trust me, he's been quite active in my life...but like I said before, this free will bit is a real bitch.

  • darkuncle29

    Strangely enough, I do still believe in prayer. Not to offend any others here, but I believe that prayer is the setting of you intentions. People that practice magic do the same with their rituals. Intent is clearly focused on a goal. Why would it be dificult to win the Lotto this way? Because millions of other people are also hoping that they win. so everybody cancels each other out. But like your friend with the headaches, numerous people with one common goal.

    What if a bunch of us bought lotto tickets with the same numbers, and then prayed over them or focused our intent on those numbers? It could be interesting, but I'd rather use such a gift on something less selfish.

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