Elders only letter: New Territory Coverage Arrangement

by dannyboy 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • Special K
    Special K

    Had me at the first of it...... then I started laughing because I knew it was a spoof.

    you prangster


    Special K

  • Sentinel

    Oh Danny,

    For a couple moments, I thought "could this be true?", and then of course I realized that you were having a bit of fun. The thing is, they probably do wish they could send such a letter. The Internet has become a great aid to those searching for answers, so they are a bit more knowledgeable when receiving a visitor at the door. Nearly every home now has at least one computer.

    For those who feel unsafe discussing certain items with family, fellow JW's, or purchasing books like COC, they can search in private. The society would like their followers to believe that the Internet is full of nothing but trash, false truths and theories. Why are they so afraid?


  • SYN

    Hehe! You got that special Watchtower "voice" almost perfectly! Had me going for a while there...I was almost spitting!

  • Amazing

    Yep, that's a good one ... I was fooled for the first paragraph ... but then the little light went on, and then as I got to the end ... well ... you got me. Good job ... abd very Cool.

  • wednesday
    We know that this revised territory coverage arrangement will add an additional burden to you brothers, but we are confident that you will accept this adjustment in the same way you have accepted other outrageous changes we have sent down to

    I am naive, u had me until i saw that, and then i knew u were having some fun.

    excellent, and as Blondie said, I bet if u read it and just elimnated a word of two, people would believe it .

    I love this kind of stuff, My fav is the guy who does one on why a jws should not own a cat.


    Baaaaaad Boy Dannyboy!!!

    with the knowledge that none of you ever does quite enough.

    You had me going there ... until I read the last couple of sentences!!! ROFL!!!


  • simplesally

    You're in big trouble, Mister, for trying to trick us little sheepy ones.

  • dannyboy


    You got that special Watchtower "voice" almost perfectly!

    Thanks, comes from reading WAY too many letters from a certain headquarters.......

    Estee: >>Bad boy, Dannyboy

    HAH. Glad you liked it, Estee, and "hi"


    You're in big trouble, Mister

    [gulp].......I was afraid it might come to this, so the only solution is another "letter" from headquarters.....Real Soon Now........let's see looking around for it right now...........LOL.


  • dannyboy

    [Shameless plug]

  • freedom96

    There has never been a more fantastic tool against the WTS than the internet. I am suprised they are not doing more to try to contain the knowledge that is spreading like wildfire out there.

    I think more and more ones who are df'd are looking on the net and finding information that will allow them to never attend a hall again, whereas before they might feel guilty and return.

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