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  • menrov

    Do not know where to post this but I like to hear your views on what you think had the biggest impact on humans. For me, 2 things:

    MUSIC: every human listens one way or another to music and will likely have some sort of emotion. Even when singer is dead, still the music can be heard / played.

    PICTURES: whether as painting, drawing or nowadays digital, it exist for ages and brings emotions to people. Even after one had died, their picture remains.

    In other words, it is not a religious book nor any religion in my view that has such an impact on people as music and pictures have.

  • cofty

    Interesting question menrov. I agree with your two ideas.

    Stephen Pinker makes a very strong case in his book "The Better Angels of our Nature" that story books changed the world profoundly. As people were able to see the world through the eyes of fictional characters it had the effect of nurturing human empathy.

    Public torture and inhuman punishments became less acceptable. The data he presents is very compelling.

  • sparrowdown

    I believe music and art can have an effect on human consciousness both positive and negative and no-one knows this better than religion.

    Religion, monarchies and regimes have used both. Outlawing certain types of music and art because of the way it can affect people either to incite to revolt or inspire obedience. Religion in paricular created it's own art and music whilst demonizing the secular to make sure people stayed well and truly subdued, obedient, and "asleep."

    The lyrics to songs combined with music can open the mind, generate memories, influence mood and decisions and they say listening to classical composers like Mozart and others can actually make you smarter at maths because of the mathematical structure of classical music.

    Art before TV, radio, internet etc was very symbolic and whole stories or protests or secrets could be revealed in a painting. At various times in history when oil painting was becoming popular certain colours like blue which was very expensive and dificult to produce could only be used for the elite and royalty or for religious paintings etc. It was considered too good for common artists common people because who doesn't love blue.

  • Still Totally ADD
    Still Totally ADD

    Not to be negative but I believe the biggest impact on humans is hatred of one another. The reason I say this is the vast amount of money and human energy spent on killing each other though out history. Just think what this world would look like if all that money and energy was used for making humans life better.

    But maybe thats only way mankind could advance was by killing others. I know, I know what a lousy thought. But you did ask. Still Totally ADD

  • 2+2=5
    Music is incredible, I watched something recently where music was being used with some success to help those with Alzheimer's retrieve memories. The way music could evoke a response was amazing.
  • zeb

    clean water, electricity.

  • a watcher
    a watcher

    Jesus Christ: who or what could possibly have a bigger impact on humans than the son of God.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Perfect answer.

  • zeb

    . and music, Mozart, Bach, Beethoven Yanni, Mari Samuelsen, Pavarotti..

  • smiddy3

    a watcher :

    Jesus Christ: who or what could possibly have a bigger impact on humans than the son of God.

    Well your right ,Christians in the name of Jesus have killed/slaughtered millions of people in the name of Jesus over the Centuries.

    And if Jesus Christ disagrees with those Christians acting in his name he has been bloody well silent for the past 2000+ plus years .

    I think that is a big impact on humans whether he is really the son of God or not the son of God.

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