I cant get away!

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  • LittleToe


    I guess in the back of my mind (1) I dont see world conditions getting better and (2) I am insecure about myself.

    First - world conditions, generally, are getting seriously better.

    Secondly, I'll iterate to you something that I once told my sister. I'd like you to repeat it to yourself on a regular basis, until your psyche gets the message:
    "Don't let ANYONE tell you you aren't good enough!"

    Take care

  • Special K
    Special K

    Yes.. I think you should see a therapist..

    I used to have vivid nightmares...until I was taught how to do "lucid dreaming"..

    Once I learned how to do that.. I have no more problems.

    Even after 10 years I occassionally have a nightmare and can go back into the dream and have the outcome change to a better ending..

    Works FOR ME !!!

    Watch out for signs of "sleep deprivation".. It's nasty.


    Special K

  • heathen

    I've had nightmares about sitting in a kingdom hall . There was an elder giving a sermon and I sat in horror as he turned into a warewolf and tried to eat me . wahhhhhhhh

  • Nadsam

    Dear Stephanie , I am a Newbie so please bear with me.

    I live in a country that was ravaged by civil war for decades. At that time I was a good little JW. Despite this I saw many war atrocities. Its 10 yrs now that the war is over and nearly 10 yrs now that I left the WT (the two events had nothing to do with the other though). I too was plagued for years with "night terrors" feelings of insecurity and fear of bodily harm, after all you never really forget a scene where a violent act has taken place. Not that this was related to the JW's because my outlook was that Armaggedon was there to save me from this hell on earth, but rather from the horror's I had seen.

    I often think i'm a tough old SOB / nut to crack but I found that the only thing that worked for me was finding pleasant things to occupy my time with. The first thing I did was get a college Degree. This I did at night school...no more meetings or time sitting infront of the TV ! The second thing I did was get some pets. I have several cats and any cat lover will tell you that a cat doesn't take any nonsense. Thet are Great to show on weekends at Cat shows, YOU ALSO MEET A LOT OF COOL PEOPLE...hey presto no time for FS. Lastly I became an IT "amateur" hobbyist. Great for those nights when you cant sleep.

    What I'm trying to say is that when I had lots of idle time for idle thoughts its easy to go to that dark place. Those memories that you want to forget surface even easier.Find ways to enrich your life. Especially things you can do with your kids. I know that Armaggedon mental imagery can be frightning, but If you think of all the "hellfire" paintings churches have used for centuries, isn't it time to say NO MORE ! I know you'll feel better if you can get rid of the baggage and get some happy things to focus on.

    PS I noticed certain medications I was using at one time had nightmares as a side effect. Well worth exploring with your GP. Good luck.

  • BluesBrother

    Hi Steph. I am really sorrry to read your post, No one should suffer like that..

    I think that the suggestion to see a GP or Therapist is probably sound because none of us is in a position to really know what's best. But do not despair too much . Many people have suffered nightmares about all sorts of things in their lives.

    Perhaps this imagary of Armageddon has gone a lot further down in our psyke than we realise. Certainly I do not think I will ever be entirely free of the fact that I spent most of my life as a dub. Experiences like that form your way of thinking .

    Thankfully I have never suffered in the way that you describe. Perhaps because as soon as the "Penny dropped" about the "Truth", I have never had a moments doubt about my new belief , ie, that the WTS is nothing more than an org. of men teaching mens ideas without any Holy Spirit. It all fell into place suddenly, "Thats why so many things don't quite add up, It is just not true". Simple after that.

    Take care, sweet dreams

  • shera

    It will get better,as time passes and the more you learn the truth about this religion.I had dreams for yrs,then comming to this site and others has helped me a great deal.

    Take care and *hugs*

  • freedom96

    You need to figure out a way to understand deep in your heart that in fact the WTS is NOT the truth, not even close.

    Once your heart and mind understand that, you will be on your way to having complete peace of mind.

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