I cant get away!

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  • Stefanie

    I have been out for 3 years now. Why do I still have nightmares about the end? Its the same thing about me standing outside then the moon gets bloody. Then there is fire coming from the sky burning people and babies. And I dont survive. I can see myself burning.

    Do I need a pysciatrist? Am I going crazy?

  • Elsewhere

    "You will know them by their fruits"

    These nighmares are the fruits of the WTS.

    In time as you move on and form a new life, these things will go away.

  • garybuss

    I think it's a good idea for all of us to be checked out by a doctor after we leave a high control group. It sounds like you have when you are asleep, what I had when I was awake. GaryB

  • Stefanie

    Thats what I dont understand. I have made a new life. I got remarried had 2 beautiful babies, moved cities. I never think about the borg or going back. I love my husband more than anything. I dont know why I keep getting these stupid crazy nightmares. Its like being robbed. I feel like my brain has been stolen. It makes me sick.

  • Sassy


    Sorry you are going through this.. I only had dreams about Armegeddon when I as active. So far I haven't had any.. however I have dreams sometimes about going to the KH and the elders forcing me to do things I don't want to do.. and I am crying out to everyone to help me because I don't want to..

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Stephanie, you precious girl,

    You must have been raised with all the scare teachings and the images in the books that must have been very traumatic for children. I don't really know, but from what others have said who were children in the Borg, it has to have made some terrible impressions on young minds.

    I have never had Armageddon nightmares or fears, but I used to have deep fear of the supposed "persecution" that was "sure to come soon."

    I find reading the New Testament comforting, but I'd stay away from Revelation for now if I were you!



  • LittleToe

    I'm no Psychiatrist, so feel free to go to one of those, if you feel they would help.

    Did you have dreams like that when you were in the borg?

    Is it possible for you to rationalise away the elements of your dream?
    Repetitively reinforcing a positive image to replace that one, may help.
    For example, many of those elements sound like the Arnie movie "Total Recall". Perhaps watching that might help you re-associate those images (that might be a bit too "guy", but might help).
    Alternatively, think of it as an image from far into the future, and break down the symbology:

    Why do I still have nightmares about the end?
    Is it really the end that you are seeing, or maybe the end of a beautiful evening?

    Its the same thing about me standing outside
    Going out on a moonlit night sounds nice

    then the moon gets bloody
    Hey, that's not the moon - it's Mars, and it's beautiful!

    Then there is fire coming from the sky
    Wow - Shooting stars and fireworks.

    burning people and babies
    Flashback to a TV show, and times gone by, when the world wasn't such a nice place.
    But that's history, and now things are better.

    And I dont survive
    A transformation had to come over the world, to improve man's lot. It wasn't easy, and everyone had to make changed to accomodate, but it was worth it to rebirth a better new world.

    I can see myself burning
    Baby, you are hot, and your hubby knows it
    It looks like the evening isn't over after all...

  • RubyTuesday

    Just an idea....maybe try staying away from this site for awhile...see if the dreams stop. This place was good for me for awhile but it got to a point where it made me feel like crap(reliving all the bs). I took a step back for a long time and not only was I more productive in the "real world" I felt much better mentally and emotionally.Take care.

  • Stefanie

    Thanks everybody. Little Toe thanks buddy.

    I guess in the back of my mind I dont see world conditions getting better and I am insecure about myself. I wasnt raised in the Org. But I studied at 16 and got baptized at 17. I dont like the icky feeling I get when I wake from one of those dreams. I dont know what to believe. All I know for sure is that the WBTS is not the truth. I dont know where to go from there. *sigh*

  • Carmel


    I had bazzar dreams for several years after I abandoned the belief in Armegeddon etc. Over time they became angst dreams about my work and other issues. Once all my kids left home, I have bad dreams about them coming back, and mind you, we have a great family with love beyond anything my home had. So I guess some of us have to re-play our tapes over and over before we resolve whatever is bugging us.. Hope that isn't too discouraging.. I used to even dream about not getting to my college classes and failing and I never got below a B in my entire college career! Go figure!


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