But it's not about the Money

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  • LevelThePlayingField

    For over a 100 years, the JW’s have “sold” their literature. Then, all of the sudden, overnight Jimmy Swaggart has an issue with the fed govt where they want to tax him for his religious stuff that he “sells”. The JW’s jump on board to help in this case and then in 1990 all of the sudden Jehovah’s organization goes to a “donation” arrangement. Did the leaders of the JW’s tell their people this? No, they said it was a “simplified arrangement”. But the move from charging for literature to a donation arrangement came from a Christendom court case, NOT simply from a more simplified arrangement.

    So what moved Watchtower to make this change? Their not wanting to be taxed...Money was the motivator.

    How do the circuit assembly overseers know that there is a surplus or deficit at the assemblies? What criteria do they use? I’ll cut to the chase. They use a “per publisher” headcount amount. That’s how they say, “our cost in connecting with this assembly amounts to…” and then calculate it from there. It’s not actually what it really costs to “run” an assembly hall. Like the cost of maintenance, supplies, utilities and so forth...Money is the motivator.

    Then a few years ago the Watchtower and Awakes were trimmed down. The mags went down to the size of a leaflet. A few years later (at the annual meeting of 2017) it was announced that the magazines would only be produced 4 times per year. So, from 32 pages 24 times per year to 16 pages 4 times per year, for both Watchtower and Awake. Do the math if you want. Also, the yearbook was discontinued in 2017. The reasons given, yes, if you listen closely, Money. Money was the motivator.

    Mr. Lett of the governing body said in 2015 during a broadcast that 14,0000 kingdom halls were needed to built world wide and that from 2015 onward 3,000 kingdom halls would need to built every year. Then, poof. A complete turning around, a complete 180. There’s a leaked video explaining that the governing body said they want to not build 3,000 kingdom halls per year but SELL 3,000 kingdom halls and other properties over the next 5 years. Congregations are being merged or dissolved and halls sold. Assembly halls are being sold. Construction projects were cancelled around the world. Bethelites and missionaries were given the pink slip, all over night. Many Bethelites were asked to eat their breakfast and get morning worship from their rooms via video. Many branches were sold. In 2006 there were 115, now only 90. So, what happened? Money. Money, or the lack there of happened. Again, Money was the motivator.

    For decades for as long as anyone alive can remember, there have been physical publication releases at the conventions. Then a couple of years ago, poof, only digital releases. Ok, to be fair, sure there people who are only digital now and would rather just download a book, but there are many who are not that way. Many a witness has said that they really like to have the physical book in their hands. There’s just something about having a real book in your hands. Why the change? As was noted by the speakers who release the new publication, “please consider carefully if you need a hard copy of the publication as it’s freely available now via download”. Can you even remember the last book you put on the shelf that you got from the convention? Again… eh um, Money.

    A few years ago, I think it was 2013, an amazing thing happened. The governing body wrote a letter to all congregations everywhere stating that if you had a loan with them for building a Kingdom Hall or remodeling project, that it was to be canceled. Imagine that! But this letter was sent to ALL congregations, even those who didn’t owe a dime. In that letter it was stated that each congregation was to figure out how much they could “donate” each month. But it was an open-ended agreement. They were to donate what they “could afford” regardless if they owed a loan or not, FOREVER. Yes, each month. So if your congregation owed $30k to the society, by paying the $500/mo they could expect to be “debt free” in 5 more years. But the new arrangement said to keep paying what you can, forever. Would you consider a loan like that from a bank? Get a car loan for $5000 and then pay $200/mo forever. How many would do this? Previous to this, the congregations would simply donate what was on hand, varying each month. And then the society would send an acknowledgement of the donation in thanks. Simple right? Here’s $10. Oh, OK, thank you. Just as it should be. But no, they were not done with just that. They also asked for each congregation to send them all the money they had in their bank accounts, except for 3 months of operating expenses. So, a congregation who had saved up over the years $20k or maybe $50k, were to drain their bank accounts and send it to the society. Many a congregation had implored their congregants month over month for years that the generous donations were being ear-marked for their renovation project. Now, whether or not your congregation got that needed new roof or replaced the AC, ect was NOT up to your body of elders, as was promised for years. Now it’s up to “someone” in New York. And many a congregation were asked to donate towards building a new assembly hall. Oh, yes, remember that? Not so long ago...maybe two years. After collectively millions were donated towards this, yep, poof, gone. The assembly hall projects were cancelled. Where is the money now? “It’s with the branch”, said one elder when specifically asked about it. Need I say, Money is the motivator?

    Recently, in a series of leaked videos, it has been revealed that the organization needs more money. And this is just after their sales of a billion plus dollars from Brooklyn. It was said, “until the general donation picture changes substantially the organization will need to hold to the course set by the governing body with respects to spending. Not only this year, but in the coming years as well.” But just prior to this in the same video, a mock interview of one brother to another, they said that donations were never higher. Double talk. Again, as the leaked videos tell us, IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

    It’s not about the money?

    • There closing & selling their branches, their kingdom & assembly halls.
    • They’ve taken the donated money set aside to build assembly halls.
    • They’ve taken all the congregations bank accounts.
    • They’ve managed to tithe a set amount from congregations, forever.
    • They’ve laid-off tons of bethelites, missionaries and other workers.
    • They’ve laid off all district overseers.
    • They’ve cancelled or delayed nearly all construction.
    • Printing of publications is at a all time low, as never before in history, yet they tell you things are speeding up.
    • No more physical releases at conventions. DVD’s, books, brochures? Where are they?

    But it’s not about the money.

    One more thing. Have you noticed that now Watchtower online library resembles that of the CD-ROM? Yes, now they have Watchtowers going back to 1950, Awakes to 1970 and many of their older pubs. Why the change? Prior to this you could only research back to the year 2000. But if they have all this online now, then there will be no need to offer the CD-ROM any longer. Again, saving money. But this is a good thing right? Well, yes. But think, why has it taken them nearly a decade to figure this out? It was said by many an elder that the reason the Watchtower online library only goes back to 2000 is that we need to keep current with the organization and that the older publications are being phased out; that we don’t “need” anything prior to 2000, otherwise the society would have put it up on the website. “The brothers know what they’re doing.” Maybe at that time, 2009/2010 it was a great way to “hide” their history. But when you can save a few million CD’s from being produced each year...hmm. They don’t have any shame anyway.

    Follow the money.

  • Perry

    What a rip off! Amazing update for those of us who have been out for a while! Thanks.

    I guess the Governing Body are now kicking themselves for bad mouthing the whole tithing thing for so long....No magazines, Books, CDs, DVDs, or Assemblies needed; just collect cold hard cash.

    The other major US cult , the Mormons promote a 10% tithe and are far better off financially.

  • zeb

    and they have to live with thesituation that most jw are of poor means so cant donate the money that they the gb would like. and why are so many jw of poor means?...........

  • Finkelstein

    If this is true that the WTS bean counters use a head count multiplied by 10$ then state if they are low once that multiplication is done, just shows what kind of maligning corruption exists in this so call " Christian " organization.

  • Dunedain

    Wow, when you put it like that, one would almost think that it was all about money or something. Go figure.

  • venus

    Greater Cyrus is diverting first money, property and finally waters of people over which GB empire sits. Interesting twist of the story.

  • smiddy3

    LTPF you have nailed it like a "hole in one" and it all flies in the face of the statement of C.T.Russell`s words to the effect that

    ,"We will never ask or beg for money if the voluntary contributions dry up then we will know that God has said it is enough and our work is done"

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Quite so Smiddy but how will the GB take the hint that their work is done?

    Perhaps some kind brother would send them all to live out their days on a remote tropical island...please!

  • smiddy3

    When the contributions dry up without them begging for money which has already happened .

  • venus

    "Watchtower was spending tens of thousands per year to New York City just to maintain their tunnel and airbridge spaces between buildings. This was not a tax, it was a fee paid because New York owns the underground and the airspace. Moving to Warwick eliminated these costly payments."

    There are plenty of things like the above


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