Happy Third Posting Anniversary, Eman!

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  • FlyingHighNow


    I can tell by your posts that the smile on your avatar is not misleading. You are like the sun in the old story of the sun and storm.

    The storm bets the sun that the storm can make a man take his coat off. He bets that the sun cannot make the man take his coat off. The storm sends a heavy rain and fierce frightening wind. The air gets colder and so the man wraps the coat around himself more tightly.

    Then it is the sun's turn. The sun just gives the biggest, warmest smile and the storm clouds melt away. The wind dies down to a pleasant breeze and the rain stops. The air warms up and the man smiles, takes his coat off and drapes it over one shortsleeved arm.

    You are like the sun and you make everything warm and refreshing around here. This is especially nice after walking through the ominous storm of the WTBTS.

    Thank you Mr. Sun.


  • Valis

    eh and I thought Ozzietroll was bringing up old posts again! *LOL* Congrats.... A big w00t for Eman.


    District Overbeer

  • slipnslidemaster

    Gosh, 3 years eh. Well I never. Thank you for all your kind wishes.

    Hmm..it was quiet back then, Mommy, Java and RHW welcomed me as I recall. Back then, you got a personal welcome email from Simon too.

    Then came the avalanche of posters from H20, zillions of 'em, causing mayhem and terrifying the regulars with their wild and wonderful antics.

    Then the Norwegians who all made great contributions before moving on.

    It was a quiet coffee shop atmosphere back then. Nice.

    Now it's a bit like Starbucks! (Yeah we have 'em here too.)

    Still a good place to be though.


    Congratulations eman!! It's funny how I saw a post from RHW and was thinking about the "good ole" days. Many more to ya!

    Heres a Krispy Kreme.

  • Sargon

    Cheers E-man:

    Here's to 3 more years!!

  • Sassy

    Wow.. three years! Congrats!

  • Englishman

    Golly. Thank you everyone!

    I've gone all coy now...


  • Simon

    Englishman's gone quiet ! ... quick, keep it up

  • LittleToe


    Englishman's gone quiet ! ... quick, keep it up

    Your wish is my command:


    I think he's afraid he'll wake up the next day with his picture on the front page of The Daily Mail with strange underwear on his head.

    He's started wearing underwear now? Oh dear, his kilt-wearing days are numbered

    Congrats - time really does fly, huh?
    I posted in the September of that year.

  • xjw_b12

    you've maintained a balance here and been a steadying influence

    That sums it up nicely.

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