What finally helped you to peek behind the curtain

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  • eyeuse2badub

    2 things did it for me.

    1) The amazing "generation" change of 1995----mainly because of the 'coincidental' timing! lol

    2) The f&*ked up statement in the 69 Awake 'face the facts, you will never grow old in this system"! I was 22 in 1969. Today I will turn 70!

    just saying!

  • truth_b_known

    I love the question and all the responses. I have a hard time determining what my "A-HA!" moment was.

    Background - I was born in to a father was professes to be of the annointed and was presiding overseer. That was until we moved to another state and he was treated like a heretic.

    I was appointed a Ministerial Servant at 19 and had every privilege one could be given as such. It was at this point I had my first real doubt.

    1. I was working at a Circuit Assembly in the Accounts Department. We had a talk in which a major teaching flip-flopped. The original teaching was that brothers could not accept alternative non-military service when drafted. The new teaching was that you could. Many of the brothers in our circuit lived and worked in a major university city. They were young men during the Vietnam War and new many brothers who went to prison because they refused military service AND non-military compulsory service. One brother was told by the draft board he could work at the post office in lieu of military service. I saw how this impacted these brothers and it effected me deeply.

    2. Out of college I got a job with a local police department in a non-sworn (no firearm) position. I was assigned to assist our detectives. One detective was in charge of child crimes. A brother in the local congregation was accused of molesting a child in that congregation. I saw first hand how these elders refused to cooperate and dodged subpoena service so they would not have to testify. That was a huge eye opener.

    3. Years later I took a job that caused me to miss most meetings and field service was almost existent. I went with my parents to the District Convention. On they way home after the last day my father and I were sharing favorite memories of being a Witness in our home state. Then my dad dropped a bomb on me - he said there was a circuit overseer there that was targeting brothers who professed to be of the annointed for disfellowshipping. My dad was certain that if we had not moved he would have been next.

    4. A few year after that I moved to another state. Shortly there after I was completely inactive. I worked a graveyard shift job and was reading a book a work week. I read a book about Mars and the evidence that supports that Mars may have had life millions of years ago. That lead me to read other things science related. The big science related fact I soon learned was that the global flood described in Genesis could not have happened.

    5. I went to the police academy. It was there that we discussed using deadly force. The instructor shared Romans 13:1-7 and said that it was referred to as the "Police Officer Scripture" by leaders of many christian faiths. I also learned that "Thou Shall Not Kill" is actually "Thou Shall Not Murder" and how other Mosaic Law scriptures proved this. I had denied myself a career in law enforcement for over 15 years because I was taught Witnesses could not carrying weapons to defend themselves or others.

    6. The final nail in the coffin was simply attending my final Memorial. My father would call me every years an encourage me to go. He told me it was important to make this one. The first thing I experienced was embarrassment in attending. The new song book had been released and I had no clue. Second thing I noticed was that it was the exact same outline used every year for every Memorial I had ever attended. The next day at work I visited this website for the first time. That was all it took. I was done for good.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    WingCommander challenged, "Q for Nathan Natas: Before you left your congregation, did you clue in that young sister with 2 young children? I sure hope so!"

    That marriage took place years after I left NYC. Is that OK with you?

    Please keep me fully informed of any other standards you might set for me.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    Wow....Thanks to everyone for your responses. I find it fascinating how conclusions were drawn for many of us over a lengthy period of time; over many many years.

    The organisations teachings and policies are very cleverly put together, thus making it difficult for its members to see the wood from the trees. The internet by far has been a fantastic resource in helping to open people's eyes.

    Thanks again to everyone for their replies and personal experiences 😉

  • sparky1

    Happy Birthday, eyeuse2badub!

  • Phizzy

    As a born-in and in for nearly six decades there were lots of things that I did not agree with, lots of questions I never got answered.I once circulated some concerns I had to the whole B.O.E, and just got a load of waffle back.

    The straw that did the business to the poor old camels back was reading the Book of Daniel with an open mind, and realising that to construct a system that would lead you to 1914 from a Chapter where the fulfillment was explained was pure madness.

    I found a Site where an active (at the time) JW agreed with my thoughts 100%, and he mentioned JWD, now JWN, i.e this Site. Learning TTATT followed in short order.

  • Cadellin

    I can relate to so many of the moments already described, but the first inkling came when I was about 20. I've always loved science and was so excited when the bright turquoise "Creation" book was released, especially since so much of it was backed up by REAL SCIENCE in the form of QUOTES. In particular, Carl Sagan's book Cosmos was quoted, something to the effect that the fossil record could be consistent with a Designer. Only, I looked up the actual quote and found that it was a partial quote, that what Sagan was really saying was that the fossil record was consistent with a capricious, unpredictable, destructive kind of Designer. Not exactly what the WT was saying. I was able to stifle my shock and carry on like a good minion, pioneering for years, marrying an elder, until I was in my late 30's and I thought--I need to look into that again. I started researching everything about creation vs. evolution, Noachian flood, etc. and well, when you actually start looking at real science, everything pretty much falls apart.

    This site was invaluable as well, as Leolaia was posting then, some truly scholarly and eye-opening stuff.

  • WingCommander

    Hey, what ever happened to Leolaia? Haven't seen her post in a LONG time. I hope she is ok. Her posts were some of the very best, well thought out, researched, and thought provoking. Truly scholarly.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    A strong desire to have a look behind the WT scenes. Keep it for you !

  • alias

    the anon. of the internet. freeminds first.

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