"Captives of a Concept" (Anatomy of an Illusion)

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  • bebu

    Wow, looks excellent! With all those subjects covered, it must be multi-volume.

    Even so, what a deal--let us know where to get it.


  • Cameron

    The publisher is 1st Books Library. (1stbookslibrary.com )

    They tell me it will be available at 25,000 outlets! I don't know exctly how this will work. I'll let you know when I know.

    It is about 140 pages (8 1/2 X 11"). It will be available as an e-book and soft cover. I've tried to use a format that is easy to read and easy to find stuff after it has been read.

    There are probably as many ways of saying things as there are those who say them. I've tried to say things in a way that may have helped me to notice what was going on while I was still a captive of an illusionaory concept.

    Qustion: Is it allowable for me to post the "Foreword" to the book on this Forum? If so, do I add it to this current "Topic" or should it be as a New Topic?


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