Cleaning Business Qualifies JW to be on Hospital Liaison Committee?

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    Blondie, apropos of my comments in your most recent ``Comments You Won't Hear" thread, our friend Freddy Colburn typifies the new-breed JW who's come to terms with the incessant drumbeat to ``do more, more MORE" by skillfully tuning it out rather than overt defiance. His number is Legion in today's New World Society.

    The glimpses of Fred's lifestyle that emerge from the interview -- his entrepeneurship, his two-career childless household, his hobby and personal interests, etc., etc. offer interesting clues to his values.

    He's an amiable, decent guy to be sure; a ``pillar' in the local congregation, no doubt; gives excellent talks, gets parts on the Circuit Assembly; gets out in service, makes most/all of the meetings (except when he's on vacation), yet has managed for years to deflect with aplomb those pesky WT imperatives to ``pioneer" or "go where the need is great" implicit in his ``young-married-childless" personal status. That's something Freddie loves to commend others for doing.

    As I said, his number is Legion in today's WTBTS-- and growing

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