Millions of Galaxies in the Universe with billions of Stars so why?

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  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie
    They could circle around Uranus catching Klingon's for eternity.

    ohhhhhh the possibilities.....Shotgun.....if they're circlin' around Uranus, are those Klingon's "dingleberries"?

    Frannie B

  • reboot
    But what if God’s plan when we die is to simply say, hey pick a route and go explore!

    Steve, what a lovely thought

  • stillajwexelder

    so we could look for rings around Ur Anus

  • Celtic

    I love / adore your style of questioning. It brings back happy memories of thinking yonks back on questions such as these myself. I also love the fact that you are from British Columbia, my heart aches to see scenery like that before I kick the bucket.

    What's a shotgun? Is that some crazy cocktail I never yet heard of?

    Though I like your style, just leave Saturns rings out of it. I have spent many a long while bouncing off the rings of saturn in my craft similar to your jetski. Great big figures of 8, your puny earth spaceships have a way to go yet.

    Magic mushrooms still abound though.

    Aye, why the ruddy dickens why? Or why not?

    Just perhaps, and this is me thinking intuitively. Suppose all things have mass. Whether they be physical things such as boulders or trees, cars and fish and chips. Suppose, invisible life forms, angels, demons, God too were to be measured in terms of mass.

    Suppose the universe or multiverses, are balanced in a very finite way. Lets say, displace some energy, put it somewhere else. Over there, that'll do, by uranus. Well, that would make the balance this end of the solar system wonkily out of balance. Sunlight, may even bounce significantly differently through the channels thus created. Cause and effect would be changed overnight. Just as a water melon needs certain nourishment for optimum performance. Too earth, for a reason now quantumly just getting to be glimpsed upon, might be understood. You see, a water melon, though they might through evolutionary processes, be different in the future, be even better tasting than they are now, if you were to give them that food, that nourishment from the future, now, the melon might not, any longer be a melon as we know it. Things have to take place in a coherent order, entropy, cannot exist.


    Just suppose all that, what is going on, right now, was for the most part of us, unfathomable for us to understand. That we didn't even begin to understand the transmutations of time.

    Radically change the synchronisation of the universes, all the masses involved, hither and thither, those planets and energies, and life right now would not exist at all.

    It would be like looking at a ferrari racing car that to all intents and purposes, from the front, looked just like a beautiful, stunning racing car, viewed side on however, the mid view of the car would be blurred, the rear incomprehensible to vision, like a cataract.

    Thats why.

    Ask me to put it more simply and you'll have me coming out with comments way over your head.

    Even the Almighty God cannot argue against His own Pure Mathematics.

    For an example, look at The Bible Stone, the pyramid.

    Nice question, you'll go far, if you do not burn out your firing cylinders.

    Kindest regards and best wishes.

    Celtic Mark

  • Celtic

    And the poster above, I think his name was Steve, he is absolutely spot on.

    When I was a child I knew this, that that was what the universe was for. It's still my hope today, and from the bottom of my heart Steve, a HUGE THANKYOU for bringing that 'knowing' back into focus, you see, my own balance, obviously, needs further tinkering, self-evolvement and adjustment. Survival.


  • shotgun

    We have talked about the unverse and its wonders but still not really touched why a loving God would confine an enraged Demon hord to inhabit a planet with his followers.

    I'm not sure if or what Gods plans were but I can not accept the bible account that a loving God would lock superhuman demons in the same room with humans to see how many imperfect humans he could turn.

    Celtic my concept of the universe and the earth is still evolving. I hope that Steve's idea is correct although it is similar to what the Mormons hope as well.

  • seedy3

    They have actually found many stars that have planets around them, they really have no good idea what the planets are like, and have not seen them, they can only see the effect that they have on the "Sun" that they circle. It's amazing to think, that in the small amount of galaxys they can see, that have planets in them, how can anyone think that we are totally alone?


  • Steve Lowry
    Steve Lowry

    "I hope that Steve's idea is correct although it is similar to what the Mormons hope as well"

    I knew I was at some risk of a Mormon analogy with my point of view. (Smile) But really, I don?t hold with any of their teachings (not knowingly anyway). If I understand their teaching correctly, it?s that everyone will become like little God?s ruling their own little worlds. Nah, I don?t believe that. It just seems to me that God is so generous with his creation to allow us to enjoy it with the five senses He has given us in THIS life, that it just seems logical to me that he would also provide a way for us to enjoy His greatest creation, the Universe itself, in the next life. When I die I hope I get the chance to fly through a Super Nova and enjoy all its beautiful wonders. And that?s just where I want to start exploring!


  • drawcad_1

    Runningman: one of the few who were awake during an assembly. Taking notes also?

    One of the questions that I would have with any of the religions. If the universe is so big, than why would a god care about this spot in the universe. If you look at all of the grains of sand on the earth it would even take a god a little time to find the one that held his chosen people.

  • RunningMan

    I only wrote down the funny stuff.

    I guess that means I took a lot of notes.

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