Are You Happy With The Direction That Your Government Has Taken?

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  • Simon

    We have Trudeau, he's leading Canada off a cliff. He's killing the economy, destroying investment, making terrible trade deals and undermining law-and-order at every chance he gets. He seems in love with dictatorships and jihadis.

    The one promising trend: since he's been in power, every election has seen the liberals thrashed so hopefully we can be rid of the buffoon very soon.

    We don't want or need "leaders" and they are not our "representatives" - we just want people to govern: to enforce the laws of the land, make new laws to correct injustices or adapt to changing times and to ensure a level playing field economically.

    They shouldn't be about trying to change society or push social issues. It shouldn't be their job and they always make things worse when they try.

  • minimus

    A lot of people do not like May, so it seems. She’s no Margaret Thatcher.

  • minimus

    It seems that liberal governments are not thriving because people have wised up.

  • truth_b_known

    “Fair” is in the eye of the beholder; free is the verdict of the market. The word “free” is used three times in the Declaration of Independence and once in the First Amendment to the Constitution, along with “freedom.” The word “fair” is not used in either of our founding documents. - Milton Friedman, WSJ, 1996

    The U.S. is a Constitutional Republic. As previously stated, citizens are the leaders. Elected officials are public servants. I have been heavily involved in local and state politics for years. I see what goes on behind closed doors. This is actually how it works.

    In a Constitutional Republic the rule of law applies. It applies equally. However, there is a big push to change the U.S. fundamentally into something it was never intended to be. The strategy has always been to divide and to do so through emotionally charged arguments of little substance all put under the banner of "Fair." First it was economic status and now its racially driven.

    In a free society a government has but 2 duties -

    1. National Defense (including border security)

    2. Provide a criminal/civil justice system to provide a means for persons to seek justice when wronged.

    All other goods and services are to come from the market place. A superior product always comes the private sector. Once government gets involved in a service, the private sector tries to capitalize on this by driving prices sky-high. After all, once the government starts funneling tax dollars into a service, service providers drive the prices through the roof (see: health insurance, college tuition).

  • zeb

    Here in Australia it depends on which Govt you mean. We change Prime Ministers so often we are all confused.

    (sarcasm intended.)

  • James87

    Id say Trump has done enough harm as it is. Things go in cycles, if enough people vote Trump is looking at a real shot of being impeached.

  • smiddy3

    Our last prime Minister and our existing P.M. in Australia were not voted in by the people .and we have had 5 or is it 6 P.M.`s in the last 7 years .

  • WingCommander

    Man, do we have to have yet ANOTHER political thread on here?

    You know, this back-n-forth bullshit is actually noticed by people, and tends to actually scare members off?

    It's actually been brought up several times on the EX-JW forum on Reddit.

    Can't we just keep this off this forum or else have a separate sub for this type of stuff?

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