Memories of Grace Gough

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  • blondie

    Mary since you are writing or gathering the info it is your work product. Why not post it here as well?

    For many years, Grace was a poster here.

  • Ding

    Hi Mary,

    Good to hear from you again!


    Hey (((Mary!)))..

    I probably hold the record on this forum..

    For Mouthy sending me to my room.......LOL!!..

    She was a SweetHeart..

  • Diogenesister

    I was reading some old posts on here last year. I didn't ever know Mouthy ( Grace) and it's often hard to get a real sense of the person through forum posts....but I was touched by the level of warmth that emanated from her, the lady's character really shone through as loving, fun and compationate. I'm envious of those of you who had her in your lives.

    I know I'm preaching to the choir but what evil the Watchtower has to answer for, for causing a dear old grandmother to be shunned and alone in her old age because her good conscience could not go along with their rulings.

  • myelaine

    I hear you all reminiscing about Grace and I know that she has left a mark or impression on each person she has had contact with. Grace was a woman of great faith and trust in her Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Earlier, when she was more involved in JWD/JWN the name of the one she loved and her faith peppered her conversation. She most certainly DID have an agenda during her time here. In complete opposition to the WTBTS, she longed to be an example of the love and mercy her God had shown her. I have no doubt that her living testimony as expressed by you all resulted in the words, "well done, My faithful servant".

    She's likely still cheering you on :) hebrews 12:1.

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot

    I never talked to her much but once I posted a thread asking the forum who their favorite poster was. Mouthy won hands down and she nicely thanked me.

  • arwen

    Mouthy was a wonderful inspiration and encouragement to me and a fellow Canadian I would have loved to have met her in person. She never held back with her comments. She was our "granny" on the board. She is finally and truly free now! 💕💕😥😥

  • TresHappy2

    Grace was a wonderful lady. I met her a few times through the years, mostly at the ex JW conventions in Pennsylvania. I knew she had passed away but I had stopped coming on this forum. Miss her so much!

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    and Mary--another we havent seen on here for ages.

  • newsheep

    Grace had lived about ten minutes from us. She was in Fergus Ontario and we were in Alma Ontario. Once we were being stalked to be df'd it was Grace through this site we had found her. She loved her children, even the one that is still in the org and who won't have anything to do with her. She spoke often about her grandchildren and the daughter that had passed away while she was alive. She was quite a woman.

    While she was still a jw many many years ago in Kitchener, Ontario she tried to get me back in and then forty years later I meet her in Fergus and remembered her. She apologized for trying to get me back in and I told her we were on our way out for the second and final last time. I just wanted to see my family but that never really happened.

    I had told her how someone had put a huge spike nail in the side of our truck tires and we figured it was one of the elders kids in Fergus hall since it was him and his dad who were stalking us every day. They would ride past our place on roller blades. We lived out in the country side and those two idiots would park their truck at the end of our road and roller blade to our house. We caught them at the end of our lane standing like a couple of idiots on our gravel driveway. I remember Grace telling us that she had her tires slashed as well and she figured it was someone from the Fergus hall as well. I wish I could tell her that now the father idiot was taken off as elder and marked and his son got df'd recently. If I know Grace she would be the first to welcome them to her home and to make sure they were going to be all right. It was the idiot elder's wife who would call on Grace's daughter (or grand daughter) who was a I think a minister and leave her with magazines but yet wouldn't do the same with Grace because she was an apostate.Joanne Mitchel knew the daughter went to another church and was Grace's daughter but would never do service unless she could count on sitting at a restaurant or in someone's house that was already a witness. Grace had no use for John Mitchell, Joanne or their screwed up kid Curtis Mitchell.

    Grace told me one time that Roger Ladoucer who an elder called on her and asked her what would it take for her to come back. She told him to change the dfing policy as well as how women should be elders and he just laughed and said that would never happen. Roger once said to another elder who said to me that he will step over anyone to get to the top. This religion is so full of people who are so full of themselves.

    So glad we're out. Grace had spent the rest of her life after leaving the org going on talk shows, newspapers, libraries and removing any books or mags that were put on sale. She would buy the trash books back from the libraries if it meant someone not getting them and becoming a jw.

    Some people after they leave the org make it their life mission to try and destroy it but with Grace she still loved her life and her friends and family. She didn't really let it consume her the way some have done in the past. Near the end she was ready to move on and just die in peace. We enjoyed our visits with Grace. It was Grace that had an old copy of Crisis of Conscience and gave the book to us to read. That book today right now is being read by another inactive jw who is trying to get his brother out so he stays inactive until his family are all out. I can just see Grace now saying you have done good!!! We miss you Grace. xx

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