If conservative GB members died tonight, would there be real change?

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  • garybuss

    Real change happened for me in 1974 when I read the year text and later that year when I kicked the door on my way out. Then real change happened again in 1992 when I read Crisis Of Conscience and in 1993 when I took my stand against the fractional shunning in my family and in 1995 when I took all power away from incorporated religion.

    For me, the real change was in my hands, not the corporation's.

    When I was a Witness I waited for god to come with armageddon to make real change so I didn't have to. I was trained to believe that the solutions to my problems and the fulfillment of my dreams would always come from without me. I was trained by Witnesses to postpone life and deny death.

    I think for me, the real change was possible when I realized I held the power to make the change in my own life and I worked to change the profile of my life. The power to make change always was lying within me. That's what the publishing corporation worked so hard to control. Not my power, but my realization that I had it.

    So I changed the relationships in my life and I numbered them and those who had shunned me or snubbed me didn't get a number. I wanted my life structured so that if every single Jehovah's Witness on the planet would disappear tomorrow, I wouldn't even know it.

    Now, if the Witnesses would quit shunning, drop the blood medical treatment guidelines, close all the book making factories, and become orthodox in belief, I wouldn't even know it and all that would not affect my life one bit. They have absolutely no power over me and they have nothing I want. They have chosen me as their enemy and I will work to their detriment. GaryB

  • stillajwexelder

    So what everybody is saying is ' If conservative GB members died tonight, would there be real change?" No there will be no change -- which is what I thought -- and in fact things may get worse

  • truthtome

    Sorry the whole orginazation is made up of brown nosing ass kissers.

    NO CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • undercover

    I'm sorry but everytime somebody mentions Don Adams I think of Agent Maxwell Smart from Get Smart, "Sorry about that, Chief". Too bad he isn't in charge of the WTS. When asked about the year 607 not being correct he could say, "Missed it by that much".

  • blondie

    Still, I was thinking the same thing. When all the GB are gone and only the brown-nosing Nethinim are left, could they do worse damage? Could be because they will have to wield their "authority" with a heavier hand than the GB that the rank and file have been conditioned to follow.

    Did Hitler cause the events or his time or was he a product of the times. If Adolf Hitler had died young, would someone else have risen from the same world events to take his place?


    (this is the limit of my philosophical bent)

  • Frannie Banannie
    Frannie Banannie

    .....only if there were a LOT of "finger-pullin'" goin' on up there at Bethel....

    Frannie B

  • joe134cd

    Well the answer to that question 10 years latter is yes. The old guard has mostly died off. We're got a more liberal approach to the internet. Jw.org craze.dancing to Pharrell Williams songs in the KH. F&DS not anointed run the show now. These are just a few. Perhaps others can enlighten us with more.

  • DesirousOfChange

    I wasn't here 10 years ago to have read this, but I made the same comment within the past 30 days -- namely, the Old Guard have all died off and GB 2.0 now has the votes to overhaul the religion.

    Stay tuned.


  • Vidiot

    stillajwexelder - "If conservative GB members died tonight, would there be real change?"


    The WTS's heirarchal structure ensures that any successors are just as authoritarian as they are (not to mention that Jaracz's iron-fisted rein pretty much purged any real liberal influence remaining).

    All this "mainstreaming" that's been going on is just surface bullshit; internally, the WTS has, in fact, recently and stridently reiterated all their ultraconservative stances.

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