anybody go to another church yet?

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  • littlemike

    Having left 18 months ago . I still feel a spiritual need in the way that I do beleive there is a creator and after having done a lot of research on bible arecheaology I beleive the Bible is correct. However we have been taught so much dogma amongst Christianity have any of you got to the point yet of going to any other religious meeting. Obviously not a cult like JW

  • stillajwexelder

    No -- all organized religion totally pisses me off these days

  • JH

    I believe in God, but I don't want to get caught up in another false religion.

  • littlemike
  • Carmel

    Are you asking for testimonials, advice or consulation...? I spent nearly 15 years as an agnostic before becoming a "believer" again. You're welcome to e-mail me privately if you want my advice, free of course, otherwise, the answer is "yes". I've been to dozens of churches, joined none.


  • mouthy

    You name the Church I have been to it. Baptist, Lutheran, Christian Reformed, United. Mennonite, Catholic, Mostly to speak at them. To explain how to help JWs. But I attended the Baptist church for about three years. I liked it - then when they pointed out that SOME dont drink-( think it is wrong) I left.... I dont drink but dont like to hear what we musnt do.... I went last Sunday for the first time in about two years to the United Church . I was sitting there thinking " Oh what a shame they let the youngsters play that awful music, Guitars, drums, etc:etc: Then they played two very old hymns :" On A Hill Far Away" & The Old Rugged Cross " LOVELY!! THEN!!!! the Minister got up & gave a talk on LOVE!!!!saying > how many OLD people dont like the youngsters music ,,( I hadnt said a thing -Just thought it- lol) & If we are expressing the LOVE we SAY we have - we would NOT be so critical about their music,the rings in there nose, their spiked hair or pink hair. we would be greatful they are in the Church worshipping....So Show the Love you say you have & stopp telling the young HOW TO WORSHIP!!!!! I guess I will go back next Sunday.... I learnt something a bit differant from the WT love. Sorry for the long post ( you asked I told)

  • Amazing

    Prepare for a wild ride and many new things to challenge your faith ... I visited Mormons (yuk) ... and Pentecostal and Assembly of God (good) and Baptists (good) ... and Catholic (ok) ... Christian Reform and Presbyterian (good) ...

  • Undecided

    I think they are all based on man's need for some answers to life, but I don't think any of them have any answers, just a faith based on some religious writtings of the past that each one explains according to their own circumstances and ideas. I attended some churches but they were all alike except were tailored to fit the attendees culture and social standing.

    If there is a God I think we must develope a personal relationship. Not relationship, since he never shows up, but some inner feeling about Him or whatever.

    My .02$ worth.

    Ken P.

  • asleif_dufansdottir



    Secular humanist meeting? Yes. (these are fine to meet like-minded people but why the h*ll they feel they need to meet on Sunday mornings is beyond me...I feel the need to sleep in!)

    Pagan festival? Yes.

    Coven/Circle gathering(s)? Yes.

  • seedy3

    When I met my wife, I had not been to a church or KH in many years, She is not a real religious person, but still has a strong beleif in God, and so feel it important to go to church on special holidays, so I have been to a few at times, but just to make her happy. She has not really pushed the issue in a few years now, but I know if we go back to visit her family in PA again I will be told I have to go to an Assembly of God church at least once while I'm there.

    I have been to a few Pagan circles, and met with a few pagans and did some rituals, but inthe end I found it had too much "God/Goddess in it for me, I follow more of a pantiestic viewpoint and so therefore have no beleif in any personage of a god/dess.


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