Another JW Prophetic Orgasm about to Unfold !!!

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  • Amazing

    Hey folks,

    Setting aside any political differences ... the French government is looking to ban religious symbols in public, like a Sikh wearing a turbine (except the see-through netted kind), Muslims wearing head coverings, Jews wearing the star of David, and Christians wearing charismatic crosses (little tiny hard to see crosses will still be okay).

    Give me a break ... I loved the French for taxing the book publishing corporation known as the Watchtower Society ... but, while I respect the French on many levels (and not on other levels) ... do they realize how they are feeding into the Prophetic Orgasms of various religious cults and neo-nazi airheads?

    If they keep this up, Al Qaeda, the Nation of Islam, the KKK, and other like-minded idiots will be fighting like mad to be the first to do some awful dasterdly deed. I don't know, maybe that will be a good thing, because then the French might decide that George Bush was right all along, eh?

    Jim W.

  • metatron

    I can't get much feedback on where the French tax situation is at present.

    They published that hypocritical Awake mag on paying your taxes - even if unfair -

    but not a peep about their tax bill.

    or are they waiting until somemore real estate is sold?


  • gumby

    Here I was all exited when I saw the word orgasm in the thread and I got all exited! Jim must give the french some credit for their awesome salid dressings and fries.

    Seriously...........there seems to be some movement with various governments taking a closer look at religion and the problems it is causing/caused. Religion of course will take this as persecution against them with the "wicked ones" backing.

    For all of us apostate heathen bastards.....we will see the society play on this like nothing else........they NEED this now! Finally......something they said/predicted, seems to be coming true........RELIGION IS BEING ATTACKED BY THE BEAST.

    Now we will have plenty to talk about here on JWD.


  • m0nk3y

    I think the ban isn't quite as broad as you make it sound Amazing ...

    Heres a news story on it ..

    France to Debate Bill Banning Head Scarves AP
    Mon Feb 2, 3:27 PM ET

    By ELAINE GANLEY, Associated Press Writer

    PARIS - French lawmakers will take up the challenge of integrating Muslims into society starting from the head down, debating a bill Tuesday banning Islamic head scarves in public schools.

    AP Photo

    Showing just how important the legislation is to the government, Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin will open debate on the bill banning "conspicuous" religious symbols from classrooms.

    The measure also bans Jewish skullcaps and large Christian crosses from public schools, but French authorities have made clear it is aimed at Muslim head coverings.

    The ban is intended to be a vehicle for guaranteeing respect for France's secular foundations, which ensure a strict separation of church and state in the public domain.

    However, President Jacques Chirac has made clear that the bill also is meant to keep France's Muslim population from forcing its traditions onto French society rather than assimilating.

    There is growing concern that Muslims are not integrating ? a concern magnified by fears of a rise in Muslim fundamentalism.

    France has the largest Muslim population in Western Europe ? an estimated 5 million ? and Islam is the second-most popular religion in this mainly Roman Catholic country.

    "To do nothing would be irresponsible," Chirac told his Cabinet last week. "It would be a fault."

    The government hopes the law will be enforced when the new school year starts in September. A vote tentatively has been scheduled for Feb. 10.

    Some Muslims call the bill discriminatory. It has prompted demonstrations by Muslims in France and around the world, with another planned in France for Saturday.

    Muslims who follow a strict interpretation of Islam consider the head scarf ? which covers hair, ears and neck ? obligatory for women.

    The debate over wearing it in public school dates to at least 1989, when two girls defied school rules in Creil, outside Paris, and refused to remove their scarves.

    Most, but not all, public schools already have guidelines forbidding head coverings. However, schools have been left to decide themselves whether to take action against those flouting the rules.

    The bill would not apply to private schools or to French schools in other countries. It calls for sanctions ranging from a warning to a temporary suspension to an expulsion.

    The governing party is unhappy with some aspects of the current bill and believes it should be amended to emphasize mediation when the law is broken.

    "It is not a law firstly of interdiction. It is a law of dissuasion," Jacques Barrot, the head of Chirac's UMP party in the National Assembly, the lower house, said recently.

    Despite dissent, the bill is all but assured passage, as Chirac's party holds 364 seats in the 577-seat National Assembly, and a bill needs only 288 votes to pass. Some 140 deputies ? or nearly a quarter of lawmakers ? have signed up to comment on the bill.

    Chirac agreed to proceed with legislation at the recommendation of a presidential commission that spent six months studying the state of secularism in France.

    However, several commission members were quoted Monday by the newspaper Le Monde as saying they were unhappy with the bill because it omits numerous recommendations they considered crucial.

    Historian Rene Remond was quoted as saying that the commission's work was shortened into a brief bill emphasizing the forbidden rather than addressing the real issues.

    "There is tension over an ultra-minority problem when the real challenge is social and professional integration," Remond was quoted as saying.

  • Celia

    I don't completely agree with the French authorities here --- But it's not entirely wrong to want the french citizens (Muslims and others) to try to blend in and be assimilated in the french culture. After all, what do you think the Saudi government would do, if Americans and other foreigners working in Saudi Arabia, or visiting the coutry, would dress and act in ways that are forbidden due to their religious laws ? They would put them in jail or worse.

  • m0nk3y

    I think the intentions are good .. I just don't think that it's going to help people out at the end of the day .. we have the same kind of problems here in australia.

    It's clear that it isn't about religion .. it's about wanting people to become a whole as society.

  • Satanus

    From what he said, it seems that he anticipates that islam could work its way into the govt. Based on that, then it's not that much of a stretch that, as the numbers of islamics increase, that laws based on islam could be inserted. Can you imagine islamics attempting to make the french govt in their image? I can.


  • Amazing


    I think the ban isn't quite as broad as you make it sound Amazing ...

    I am not making it sound too broad ... I'm just reporting what the new stations are saying ... I also displayed the intended exceptions to be sure that I understood the intent of the French to be moderate ... rather, I am talking about the Watchtower and other fundamentalists making a big deal out of it and using it as an excuse for Prophetic Orgasm ... with the Watchtower going into a publishing frenzy, and other groups doing what they do best - harming innocent people.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Comment dites-vous "sharia" en fran├žais?

    How do you say Sharia in French?

    France will serve as a theatrical spectacle to the world not too many years from now, when their steadily increasing Muslim population reaches the numbers neccessary to sway local elections.

    Once that happens, France becomes the new Afghanistan with the Taliban in charge.

    Mon deiu!

    Disclaimer: I am not multi-lingual. I use web tools to create the illusion du jour.

  • heathen

    I think it's a great idea that the french have recognized that children are being brain washed . How would any of you women on the board like to be forced to believe you are second class as the moslem religion teaches their followers ? Moslem extremists will even brainwash their children into suicide attacks , they are a disgusting religion that deserves to be outlawed all together , IMO . I suppose the only fair thing to do is impose rules on other religions as well . I think the public school system should not be a place of religious contaversy but a stable environment for children to learn the skills they will need in the ever evolving world we live in .

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