So what's this special meeting all about?

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  • Isambard Crater
    Isambard Crater

    I have already said that the zone visit contained absolutely nothing crazy or objectionable, nothing about Tight Pants, the end coming, child abuse, blah blah. Just the Watch Tower study urging children to get baptised and that they're still accountable to Jehovah before getting baptised, then a load of stuff about the Britain Bethel, L.D.C and campaign Experiences, then a long talk basically saying 'endure' and feel good about serving in the Organization.

    freddo I cant remember the numbers, but the L.D.C section just said they have built loads of new Kingdom Halls and refurbished many others, so Jehovah is clearly blessing the growth and expansion here in the Britain territory.
  • zeb

    "special" eewk!

    I recall one sm that everyone was supposed to sweat over. It was called at the end of a convention; so why wasn't it included in the convention.

    But its a 'live hook up' from Sydney. This meant the jw in the eastern part of Australia were sitting about until 8 pm so the jw here could here it at 6 pm there being 2 hours difference between the east and the west. I mentioned this to an elder. 'Oh well its been recorded' says he.

    So it was not a 'live' hook up then. The publicity was lies. No I didn't attend. By the time this sm came along me and my family had had enough of elders droning on enjoying their moment in the sun.

  • freddo

    We should get more reports soon as it was played on Saturday at the few congs that meet on a Saturday and will be repeated today (Sunday) at the usual meeting times - you know 10.00 and 2.00 and a few late afternoon/evening ones for the poor suckers who have to wait - wasting a whole warm sunny day here throughout most of the UK until the third slot.

    Personally if I want to watch spin I'll sit in front of my washing machine.

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