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  • Formerbrother

    So it seems placing literature is not so important anymore, now that we live in a digital age.

    We are being pushed to show videos instead. This is the new reporting from next month, just hrs and ANY literature placed in one box and then how many videos you showed in another box.

    Bib changes for sure.

  • OnTheWayOut
    This is pure cult stuff. Literature "placing" was all about enriching Watchtower and recruiting. Now that another printing company is not making it on print, they switch like everybody else. But the training of the cult members was to "place, place, place." You weren't a good JW unless you filled those columns on your monthly report. Hence, a new column for them. And a de-emphasis on those other columns.
  • ToesUp
    Just another way to measure ones "spirituality." Sad.
  • OneFingerSalute

    "Just another way to measure ones "spirituality." "

    That is true. A not so subtle way to force the sheeple to buy the latest electronic gadget and follow orders.

  • steve2

    Yes, I was surprised by the recent developments - they reflect a seeming lack of momentum in the preaching work.

    First, JWs can now "count" the number of tkmes they show a jw org video to someone who is not a jw.

    Second, with few exceptions as in non-Western countries, the special pioneer arrangement is discontinuing, with those in such roles being invited to apply for regular pioneers. This will immedistely result in a downturn in hours reported in the field service.

    Collectively, such moves unintentionally signal the preaching work is no longer of top priority. Watching numbers of new pioneers should be interesting over the next few years. Who'd want to be one?

    I expect the steam to reduce even further. It won't be the demise of jw organization, but it is slowly morphing into a very different movement from whst it was even just a few years ago.

  • Mephis
    The letter to the elders telling them about these changes also said that the number of videos shown etc. isn't even to be reported to the branch. The CO will look at the numbers, but that's about all. I suppose it would be embarrassing if lots of views were 'placed' and Brooklyn knew that there were far fewer views actually made.
  • Finkelstein

    We are being pushed to show videos instead

    What like taking a tablet door to door with JWORG videos ???

  • tim3l0rd
    Bib changes for sure.

    Well they have to because of all drooling lunatics...

  • steve2

    It's years since I swallowed any jw organization literature - so I'll be damned if I would ever contemplate swallowing a tablet traipsed fromdoor-to-door.

  • sir82

    What like taking a tablet door to door with JWORG videos ???

    Exactly - that is precisely what JWs are encouraged to do now.

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