Our first act of rebellion against the Watchtower.

by The Rebel 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • Gargamel

    There were many minor acts of rebellion as a kid from not polishing my shoes before the meeting to underlining random sentences in the WT (without a ruler - oh horror! :) ).

    However, my first public act was skipping a Sunday meeting as a 15? year old. I was with some worldly(!) friends and they were going to a motorbike scrambling event across a few miles of fields. So we all walked there and had great fun watching the dirt-tracking.

    Just to rub it in, we were all standing around chatting at the end of the road when my father drove past with his jw friends. That went down well, I can tell ya LOL.

  • corruptgirl

    My first act of rebellion was reading all the Harry Potter books. I read the first 3 in 6th grade and then stopped because my conscience aka the Watchtower through talks of the elders in the congregation said i shouldn't. Anyways i absolutely love them and am a bit obsessed!

  • LV101

    Ah, The Rebel, life form/drawing classes are so much concentration -- maybe too much for a high school boy! You're right when studying, measuring, drawing the human form one doesn't view the body like one would think but like a statue or any other object in a still life. It's hard and the models move just a little so you have to adjust and be fast catching their position and the values/shadows, etc.

    My first act of rebellion - enjoying the world and the world-lies every chance I got even when under the hypnotic trance of WT lies.

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